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The history of Evolution of Warfare. Originating from a project dating back from 2012, learn how the mod came to be.

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Welcome to the Evolution of Warfare Moddb page! A little late but I'm finally posting some "news". Time to learn some mod history.


Shortly after the release of my first mod (Nedarb7's MOD) back in 2012, I decided to step it up a little and try making a game mode mod. Prior to this decision, I had only worked on maps and side replacement mods. It was time to learn! Taking heavy inspiration from Battlefront Extreme, I began to expand on my first mod, transforming it into a split game mode mod. The goal was to have the typical Clone Wars legion mod with a spin.That spin was the distinction between the two modes, Clone Wars Early (phase I era) and Clone Wars Late (phase II era). Since I preferred the phase I variant of the clone trooper, having the option to chose them over phase II clones in a clone sides mod was ideal. And so began my first semi-large mod project... Clone Wars Expansion.

Clone Wars Expansion, at the beginning, grew rapidly with new classes and weapons. However after a while of play, I wasn't satisfied with the skins and classes I had, nor the lack of something new that would be remembered. This was a huge problem for me, my aim was for a good reception. I had no plans to make another mod that would be forgotten shortly after its release. I knew I needed something bigger... something better. And so I decided to base my conquest system on points rather than reinforcements, and I edited the map's textures to give a fresh feel to them. Nothing too fancy, but it contained my dissatisfaction for the time being. But it was soon to come back, and left the mod in a near dead state.

For the next few years, work on Clone Wars Expansion was close to none. I changed my focus on other mods and learning the tools thoroughly. Yet it was painful for me to watch the years go by while the mod I hoped to release was falling into a bottomless pit.I tried many times to get myself back into working on it to no avail. What I thought might be the final blow was Battlefront United. In reality, it became the spark that I needed to revive Clone Wars Expansion.

Originally titled the Unofficial Patch v1.5 (for whatever the reason...), I was eager to join the group project. Now going by the name of Star Wars Battlefront United, I began converting maps, sides, and more from the original Battlefront game into the sequel. To my surprise, I learn a lot about modding while working on United, and have increased my skills immensely. The skills I picked up encouraged me to re-work the expansion again. The mod had been revived by what I called Evolution of Warfare, a nickname for the scripting behind Clone Wars Expansion. I took liberty in coming up with never seen before content. This continued until Evolution of Warfare (again, this was the nickname of my scripts) outweighed the focus of the mod, the two game modes.That lead to the end of Clone Wars Expansion, it died at the pinnacle of its existence.

Having cancelled my first big project was a huge decision for me, but it wasn't gone completely. I recycled something; the same script that killed my mod remained. And so Evolution of Warfare the mod was born. From being a part of a mod, it was now the mod.The concept of having a sides mod was cast aside, and I finally had something new.

So, that's the history of this mod. I hope to make an update soon, for now I thought it would be nice to give a you all a little background of the mod.
- Nedarb7


Keep up the good work! Can't wait to play it!

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hear hear

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