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A unknown virus obliverated my computer software, thus killing my mod Im sorry everyone - Elite222 out

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Good evening everyone, sorry to say this but Evolution Mod is dead. The story behind this will be said below but for now...enjoy the picture of a man screaming at a laptop:

Well, what happened was that I was watching a BSG Fs2 TC trailer on moddb then a random rouge anti-virus program or something attacked my computer, obliverating my Anti-Virus program, preventing use of my System Restore and forcably shutting down my PC, how am I typing to you now you ask. Well my parent has a work laptop. Now I cant reboot my computer. If you have any idea on how to fix this please post below also.

Now, the location of this virus remains unclear but I do have a few possible locations and Moddb is part of the blame. A few other sites is also clear. Again, Im very sorry for this loss and I wont have a working gamer computer for quite some time but if you wish to ever contact me e-mail me at or Xbox Live. Thank you all who watched my mod you have my gratatude.

Enjoy Christmas and the New Years

From Elite222.

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You can always try burning yourself some kind of unix live CD and putting it in your computer and booting up that OS, and then using it to access your files. Ubuntu's live CDs are pretty hassle-free. The key is that you don't actually have to install the operating system in order to use it, so you can transfer the files you need onto an external.

Otherwise, you can get a new hard drive, install windows on that, and then plug in the old hard drive with the offending virus on it and try and transfer over important files without getting the virus onto your new install of windows.

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