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We’re going to talk a little about our “homestead system” today. The homestead is very important in our game.

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We’re going to talk a little about our “homestead system” today. The homestead is very important in our game. Not only does it cover the player from wind and rain, it’s also a combination of the house and the workshop. The player will be able to upgrade all the aspects of this homestead, turning it into something truly unique and personal.

From the alpha demo, players can already see some of the upgrades they can make to the yard and workshop. The yard size directly affects the size of the workshop, the bigger the yard, the bigger the workshop space. All the workshop stations have several layers of upgrades, each interconnected for better balance.

We want our house decoration system to be a useful and fun. Every piece of furniture the player puts in the house will not only look nice, but also provides the player valuable attributes, such as more HP, more Stamina, more loot, etc. Of course, there’s a limit of how many attributes you can gain from the furniture, it all depends on the house upgrade level. To be able to upgrade the house from a worn-out shelter to a mansion will be a key motivator for the player.

We didn’t stop there, we also want to implement a house add-on system. After each house upgrade the player will be able to choose an add-on for the house. There are slot limits for these useful add-ons, so the player needs to plan carefully. Take the water tower for example, installing it will create an automated irrigation system, a planter’s dream. There are other add-ons such as the power-generator for crafters, a statue of yourself for social lovers, and many more. We would love to have more add-ons for the player to choose from, but that’ll come down to our budget.

Finally, a few players have requested that we have house and furniture painting, we’re considering it, but that also depends on the budget. We hope you like what we are doing, if you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to let us know!


Nice update. Keep it up.

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