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There are 4 holidays during a year in Portia, one in each season.

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Today we'll talk about the holidays and events of Portia. There are 4 holidays during a year in Portia, one in each season.

In spring, there's the Day of the Bright Sun, it's a day where the people gather to celebrate the day the sun came out again due to the efforts of Peach and his friends some 98 years ago. The town of Portia celebrates this holiday by tossing presents out of an airship. Of course it's finder's keeper, so it can get a little rough.

In summer, it's The Day of Memories, basically memorial day. In Portia, citizens will first light floating lanterns to remember their ancestors, then play a game of hide and seek with some townsfolk dressed up as ghosts. It's like a giant Pacman game, without Pacman.

During the fall, it's the Autumn Festival. Townsfolk will gather in a large fair. There will be mini-games, food, drinks, and maybe even a contest or two. This is a warm festival to celebrate the harvest.

Finally in winter, it's the Winter Solstice. Two words, snowball fight. After which there might be some other celebration of insignificance.

Besides the holidays, there are also events throughout the game. They might be yearly or a one time event. Events include the Portia Martial Arts Tournament, Sophie's 80th birthday, a fishing tournament, and more. We hope to fill the calendar with enough fun events that there will always be something to look forward to.

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