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Good news! I have gotten a HUGE LOAD of serious bugs out of the game. Added a few features that were waiting. There are only a few more things to go, and testing the levels on all difficulties. And we're good to go!

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I have just plowed through a ton of bugs this weekend. I also am going through all the maps to make sure they are good to go as well. I have high hopes I will have this done before Christmas, but COD: Black Ops will suddenly take up my time. So, to work around that, I am trying to complete as much as possible right now.

I have a new mapper on my team, and I hope to see some good maps from him, he's made plenty for other games already, so that will ensure that Episode 2 and 3 will be closer to completion.

I'm sure my next update will be either about maps for Episode 2 and 3, or that the game is complete (bugs are minimal (or none)) and is ready to be released. Until next time, peace out.

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