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In response to the articles appearing over the net about this mod, I feel I should clarify a few things for the community!

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What an eventful evening!! I return home from work and see the hits on this mod have increased tenfold... No means a bad thing but then I see why!!

Courtesy of some articles appearing, various gaming sites seem to think I am basically compiling a few mods into one pack, this is not true, nor did I ever set out to do this, guess that serves me right for not heeding good advice when filming my testing plays!!!

DOOM:ONE is about a seamless episode of DooM, adding in the heavier weapons, a few new enemies and a chance for a newcomer to the DooM modding community to learn about the trade, and share that with you all. Thrown in with that are a few areas I have created from scratch just to give you an idea of my creative capacity at this stage.

While filming my tests, I have used a number of extra mods, including but not limited to

Brutal Doom V18a
Doom Hi Res Texture pack
ZDHP Hi Res Sprite pack.

I am in the process of rendering and then uploading a new video which is shot with no extra mods, and urge you all to read this before making up your mind as to play the mod or not, as the last thing I ever wanted to do is claim glory for other people's work! Anything I have used I did not create I have credited as such in the attached txt file with the mod.
*EDIT* The video is done, you can see this below. This is DOOM:ONE running natively, without the extra mods!

Once again, this mod does not add extra gore, gibbing, Iron sight aiming, reloading, or any Brutal Doom feature, that is all Sergeant_MarkIV's Brutal Doom mod, which if you haven't already played, I suggest you do as it is utterly brilliant!! If you are looking for my take on Knee Deep in the Dead, and wish to follow my progress through learning to become a proficient DooM modder, then you are in the right place!!

I am happy to answer any questions in the comments below! (Although I do have a full time job in the forces so I may be a little slow to reply!!)


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