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Hello.This is the 3rd news released after my comeback to the project!

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This is the 3rd news released after my comeback to the project!
I have made and improved many things to the mod during these weeks
Lets start the todays news with something interesting

European Vehicles are Back

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After a while,in the time i was modding and testing the mod with friends i noticed a strange problem
For some reasons,European Forces vehicles won't spawn or even load in the mod
Daybreaker/Sharqi Nights releaved this issue after i released a small Beta-Test lately
I found out that some content was forgotten to be extracted and added to the custom game
I had to unpack every single archive and folder to import them,and the result of course is this
Previous versions that featured European Team won't spawn their respective vehicles
Im sorry for such a problem,i will release a small patch,so the current V2 will load the vehicles properly

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On the other side,in V2.5 AH-64 Apache will be replaced by the default AS-665 Tiger
I edited the layout for Daybreaker and Sharqi Nights,so this helicopter can spawn and be resupplied
Im now in discussion with my friend H4R3M_K1NG to make a Non-Camo version of this helicopter
It will take some time and proper work to make a "night-time" skin for this air vehicle
More updates related to vehicles is coming soon

Layout Remastered

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Another change to the mod is the swap of the vehicles that weren't used in Canon
US Marines now will feature AH1Z and AH-64 Apache as Attack Helicopters,instead of Mi-28/Mi-21
Looks like former team forgot to check the vehicles switch in the older versions of the game
For V2.5,US will feature AH1Z until i find the right time to introduce the known Apache

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Same rule is applied to Sharqi Nights
T-90 and BTR-90 were replaced by their proper counterparts
Not that much big of a deal from my point of view
The swap was required,again because of Storyline reasons

The Daybreaker Problem

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One of Beta-Testers sent me this strange bug happening in the remade map
Daybreaker is the remastered "Leviathan" map,which is known for having problems with remasters
I would like to ask help to all mappers and mod enthusiats on Moddb to explain this problem i have
No matter what im trying to do,strange bugs still occur in this map
Recompling and remaking the shadows/lighting of the map might sound a resonable action
But it will take such a long time to do,its easier to actually remove the map entirely
However,its a necessary map for the storyline
If you have knowledge,please write a message in the comment section
I will really appreciate the effort and time taken for this

These are the news for this Sunday
Man,so much to do in Daybreaker,that i think its time to have some white nights
I hope i can find a way to fix the weird bugs in this bad map
This was Betamaxx
See you later folks

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