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We are now 50% funded in our first open week! Also, check what the press has said about us in these new previews, and see a Let's Play video from one of our levels.

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Hello everyone!

Carles here.

First, the big news - our campaign has crossed the 50% mark!! And we did it in our first open week!

From the bottom of our collective heart, we'd like to thank you all for the continued support. Without it, we would not be able to achieve what we have. Now, only less than half of the way remains ;)

Apart from reaching this huge milestone, Etherborn and our FIG Campaign has also appeared in a number of media outlets. In addition, some of these had access to a demo of the game and they have written previews about it.

Here's a few:

“Challenging and beautiful all in one tidy package"

Nintendo Life

"Don’t let those stunning visuals fool you into thinking that this is a simple puzzle game"

PlayStation Lifestyle

"I have never played anything quite like it, its unique spin on gravity-shifting doing enough to trump me whenever I thought I had it clocked."

Cultured Vultures

"After gently easing you into its core concepts Etherborn soon intensifies the challenge. Its levels twist and turn in surprising ways [...] Not only do you have to reach the right place - you have to ensure you’re on the right side of said place."


"I love the way Etherborn is designed and how you sometimes stand at the top of a level, only to find the level completely turned upside down only a short few minutes later. That gives you a new perspective and a range of new options to reach places you thought you couldn't reach before.

I haven't played a lot of games that used this 3D level rotating game mechanic and I must say that Etherborn does it in a brilliant way!"


Also, Nintendo Life published an extensive Interview with us. We spoke to them about Etherborn, our inspirations, and how we defy gravity ;):

Feature: Up The Wall With Etherborn Developer Altered Matter

Just a little reminder ICYMI, we updated the trailer with a new edit, added more information and better and bigger GIFs showing more aspects of the game in the Campaign, and uploaded this "Let's Play - Etherborn" video where Samuel and I show the basics of the game in a direct and continuous gameplay session:

And as always, if you have any questions, things that you would like to see more of, anything at all really, please let us know in the comments.

Once again, thank you for your support and please, if you like what Etherborn is and what it represents, make a pledge today at It will make a world of difference to us.

Until next time,


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