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Eternal Step was released on the 16th of October and since then the game has had 2 content updates with more to come.

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Eternal Step has finally released on the 16th of October you can check out a trailer here.


In Eternal Step, you battle your way through an ever-changing, endless tower. Bosses will to crush you. Enemies will swarm you. Traps will deceive you. Collecting Loot Cards and skills will help you turn the tides of battle, but you never know what awaits on the next floor...

An all new rogue-like action adventure from developers Once More With Gusto, Eternal Step combines randomly generated levels and twitch-based combat. Filled with beautiful animation, inventive loot, and randomly selected levels, Eternal Step will keep you fighting the unknown across endless floors.

Key Features:

  • Over 100 randomly selected floors
  • An endless rogue-like gameplay experience
  • Horrendously tough bosses
  • Plenty of loot to tailor your play style
  • Fast-paced, twitch based combat

You can grab the game over at Steam

or from Greenman gaming and the game is 20 percent off currently: GreenmanGaming

The game also has some Halloween content below is the poster of what there is hidden within the Tower so make sure to try and kill Jack before he leaves.


The game has also had 2 content updates

Content Updates

Brand new floors

Beat the horde

waves of enemies will try and kill you and you must beat every wave to get the reward, however should you fail...well then your dead!

Reach the end
Simple right? However this room is filled with spikes and other nasty traps and will require you to time your movement and your dodges just right or risk death.

You could try BFH ( brute force healthing) your way though but then you would be wasting your potions. Your choice.

Catch the cards
cards will rain from the sky, loot cards, rare cards and fragment pieces will fall as well.
catch the card before it hits the floor to secure your reward!

Imp Race:
A nasty Imp loves treasure chests and is trying to beat you to them. There are 4 rare chests on this floor, and you have to beat the Imp to each one.

If the Imp gets to them before you do, he steals the treasure within!

Also the Imp is a big cheat, and can't be killed... so don't try!

Puzzle floor:
Our first puzzle floor is live! You have 30 seconds to make all the lights blue.

This is the first of the puzzle floors, and we plan to add more in the future. Some of these floors will be skippable.

Pick A Box:
3 items and 3 boxes, keep your eyes on the prize and they are shifted around and you get to pick one!

our other update added challenges to the game

here is what you may have missed ( if you haven't got the make sure you do, you don't want to miss content do you???)

Before a floor a challenge icon will pop up letting you know a challenge is coming.

You could get any one of these challenges:

  • Don’t Block
  • Don’t evade
  • Break your shield
  • Don’t use a potion
  • Keep some stamina (don’t run out)
  • Take no damage
  • Break no scenery
  • Finish the floor in 20s/30s/40s

Floor changes are slightly different in that they change the floor into something or give the floor a unique set up. A floor change can be any of these:

  • All enemies have regen (ouch right)
  • All bombs (every enemy will explode)
  • No loot (harsh!)
  • Tons of mines (watch your step yo!)
  • No traps (thank F@~%)
  • Enemies are weaker (sweet)
  • Enemies are stronger (typical)
  • Enemies die in one hit (YES! Get REKT enemies!)
  • All enemies drop health potions (you WHAT!?)
  • All enemies have triple HP (yep just to P£$% you off)
  • All enemies are slimes (hmm not bad)
  • All enemies are wisps (pretty good not bad)
  • All enemies are skeles (you can handle that right?)
  • All enemies are blocky (the golem with a b***h of a back slap)
  • All enemies are orbits (get ready to dodge and block those... You love bullet hell though)
  • All enemies are imps (sorry DOMTRON)
  • All enemies are ghouls (if you haven’t battled these yet you will read this later and curse us)
  • All enemies are hounds (pretty harsh)
  • All enemies are nibbles (much like slimes but more annoying)

Please note you won’t get an all enemies floor if you haven’t come across the enemies so you can let out a sigh of relief as we won’t throw harder enemies at you if you haven’t came across them yet.

So for finishing a challenge (not a floor change) you’re rewarded with LOOOOOT

The reward is random and can be any of these:

  • 1 chest with common item
  • 2 chests with common items
  • 1 rare chest
  • 1 potion
  • 5 potions
  • 10 sword fragments
  • 10 armour fragments
  • 10 shield fragments
  • 10 monster fragments

So what are you waiting for grab Eternal Step now and enjoy the fight to floor 100.

someone has already got to floor 123! can you do better?

So come fight slimes and other enemies and enjoy some free content updates.

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