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Western Fantasy mobile mmorpg Eternal Crusade published by Ujoy unlocks another update on February 8th after New Class Mage.

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Western Fantasy mobile mmorpg Eternal Crusade published by Ujoy unlocks another update on February 8th after New Class Mage. The cap of peak level will be increased by 80. A new mysterious continent Yeires will be unlocked. A higher level World Boss Blade Huner and a new Trial Boss Wailing Lair will make their debut.


A lot of players have reached peak level and become the elites in Eternal Crusade. They are looking for more difficult challenges. In this update, a mysterious continent Yeires will be unlocked if players reach Peak Level 30 and finish a series of main tasks on continent Edocy. Yeires is a continent filled with unknown birds and animals. Players have chance to get T10 Equipment by defeating all those monsters.



A New powerful World Boss Blade Hunter and a new strong Trial Boss Wailing Lair are waiting for players to challenge at the same time. New World Boss Blade Hunter is a monster which is good at short distant attack with blade. All its HP, ATK and DEF are prior to the current strongest World Boss Pterosaur.


Trial Boss Wailing Lair will be released at level 400. Players have chance to get Eternal Stones which is a material to fuse the higher level equipment. Not only can players earn more experience, but also can get important material to boost combat power by defeating Bosses.



Furthermore, Soul gathering system is upgraded. Players have more choices to salvage the souls. Fast salvage will keep the soul gathering of double stats and the souls of the highest quality , others will be salvage into Dust.


New continent is unlocked and new strong bosses come on stage in Eternal Crusade today. Players can experience the new continent Yeires and challenge different kinds of monsters right now. Follow its Facebook and official website if you want to know more information about this update.


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About Eternal Crusade
Eternal Crusade is a Magic Rings themed 3D Mobile MMORPG published by Ujoy. In Eternal Crusade, all the equipment can be obtained only from dungeons. Players’ exclusive Private Secretary will remind them to do different kinds of tasks all day. The mode of PK is free and open. World Boss Challenge is lasting for 24 hours. The free trade and independent pricing are supported in Market. Who can collect all the Magic Rings via finishing different kinds of challenges and save the World?

About Ujoy
Ujoy is a game developer and publisher specializing in free-to-play mobile games and giving players outstanding gaming experience. The company has in-house development teams that work closely with other game designers in order to gain a wide appeal to players from Southeast Asia and some other English Spoken countries. Ujoy's growing portfolio includes hits like Loong Craft, Clash of Dawn, Spririt of Fox Wonderland and Chaos Combat.

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