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Eternal Crusade, a 3D mobile MMORPG with the theme of looking for magic rings, unveils its upcoming expansion, featuring a new class Mage, New System Attire and a New World Boss. The expansion goes live on January 18th.

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Eternal Crusade, a 3D mobile MMORPG with the theme of looking for magic rings, unveils its upcoming expansion, featuring a new class Mage, New System Attire and a New World Boss. The expansion goes live on January 18th.

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Official Trailer of Mage:

Eternal Crusade: Brand New Class Mage
Warriors and Archers are looking for Magic Rings in Eternal Crusade for a long time. To protect different kinds of races and annihilate the crime culprit who want to destroy the middle earth, Warriors and Archers are united. While more and more evils comes, which make more trouble to Warriors and Archers. At this moment, Mage shows up.

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With a Anima Ball and a Anima Staff, Mage can cast various kinds of Magic, which can do great harm to enemies in all kinds of battles. His mission is to guard the middle earth together with Warriors and Archers. All the skills of Mage are unique. The followings are 4 of Mage’s skills.

Ice Piton - Casts ice to imprison enemies. Deals damage that equals to 150% of MATK and freezes enemies for 1.5 Seconds.

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Polymorph·Goat - Casts polymorph on an enemy and transforms them into a goat for 1 Second. If successful, it will decrease enemy's MSPD and disable their skills for 3 Seconds.

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Thunder Storm -Creates a thunder realm, attacks 4 targets within range and deals damage equal to 350% of MATK.

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Doom Slash - Orage strikes the ground and attacks 4 targets within range for 10 Seconds, with each second dealing damage equal to 50% of MATK.

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Attire System: Cast Your Exclusive Appearance
Apart from the brand new class Mage, Attire is also an important update in this expansion. There are 3 kinds of Attire currently. They are Clothing Attire, Weapon Attire and Off-hand Attire. It’s totally free for players to choose their favorite design according to their class.

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The Clothing Attires for Mage are Beach Attire, Evening Gowns Attire and cowboy Attires. Players can select one of them to decorate. Regarding to Weapon Attire, Mage can design his Staff to Whirlwind Mat and some other interesting Attire. About Off-hand Attire, Mage can customize his ball to Maggey and Spellfire Soul. While only the Beach Attire will be unlocked in this version. The other Clothing Attires will unlock soon.

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Not only can the Attire make players unique, but also can boost the Combat Power a lot. When a warrior is wearing a Beach Attire, 1,2000 Points of HP will be added. Both ATK and DEF can be increased.

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The new expansion of Eternal Crusade: the rise of Mage goes live. The brand new class Mage, various kinds of Attires and a new World Boss are waiting for players to experience. To celebrate the launch of Mage, Eternal Crusade prepares series of events, which will bring abundant rewards to players.

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About Eternal Crusade
Eternal Crusade is a Magic Rings themed 3D Mobile MMORPG published by Ujoy. In Eternal Crusade, all the equipment can be obtained only from dungeons. Players’ exclusive Private Secretary will remind them to do different kinds of tasks all day. The mode of PK is free and open. World Boss Challenge is lasting for 24 hours. The free trade and independent pricing are supported in Market. Who can collect all the Magic Rings via finishing different kinds of challenges and save the World?

About Ujoy
Ujoy is a game developer and publisher specializing in free-to-play mobile games and giving players outstanding gaming experience. The company has in-house development teams that work closely with other game designers in order to gain a wide appeal to players from Southeast Asia and some other English Spoken countries. Ujoy's growing portfolio includes hits like Loong Craft, Spririt of Fox Wonderland and Chaos Combat.

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