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a few changes to the mod,any suggestions would be nice.

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So i want to change the ammo far the ammo is presented in boxes,and i want to change it to the Metro 2033 style ammo system.something like this ( ).but every weapon will have different sets.the revolver will have speed loaders filled with ammo,shotguns will have a few slugs packed in something,like this ( ),and for the SMGs and ARs they will have magazines.
now the equipment sets,i will make a few choices.a few different equipment sets,each one representing a style of playing,some will be made for stealth,some for long distance combat,and so on,but none of those sets will be over powered.just a few standard guns,i won't give you a high-tech arsenal right on the start,but rather a lower grade gun,and then you work your way up the for the first ammo change sets,well it should be done by the end of this week,i'll post a video as soon as i'm finished.


For the sake of plausibility, you should probably stick to moon clips for revolvers instead of speedloaders. Moon clips can be inserted along with the revolver cartridges into a revolver's cylinder. Furthermore, they take up less space than an entire speedloader, and it is far easier to catch a loaded moon clip (which along with its cartridges stays in one piece) than loose bullets if you decide to reload with some rounds remaining.

I hope you also choose a better starter gun than the AKS-74U (which is pretty implausible since it's not a standard issue weapon). Maybe something more basic, like the SKS Carbine from LURK or an AKM clone to start?

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