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After a long delay, break, stop... whatever, Episode 2 of DOOMLR is getting into gear.

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So after another long break, I am trying to find the motivation to finish episode 2 and 3. I decided to re-form the storyline (if there even was one). By that, I am shortening the episodes to 3, not 5. After a while the length of the game would become boring. I am a few levels into episode 2, I've tried to fix a few bugs in the game, teleporting enemies, etc. I want to finish this game because I feel a few people wanted it, are losing hope in its release. Plus I also have another game I have begun as well to this, MOHMA, and thats still in extremely early development. It has many new, amazing features, but there's a few features I'd like to place on DOOMLR that would go into MOHMA.

So please have patience, I want to get a major milestone done this summer. If it does become the case I never release it, I'll just throw out what I have and make it semi-decent. But I DO NOT want it to come to that.

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