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New EPIC update, 4 new original weapons added to the roster.

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As usually

Current list of weapons

  • Dragunov Sniper Rifle
  • Intervention M220
  • PR-1500 Pulse Rifle
  • Prototype ET5
  • LIBERT SP-120 J5
  • Double Shotgun RUIN S2
  • Hand-Throw Grenade(CS 1.6 Weapon)
  • SCHMITD SCOUT(CS 1.6 Weapon)
  • P-90 (CS 1.6 Weapon)
  • PALPUS Gun

I am happy to introduce new DESINTEGRATOR's, i replaced only name of plasma one into green.Now we got 4 types of desintegrators.Let's show custom ones!


Here's the red one, works like a shotgun which you can see on image.Deals great damage to aliens, but has low fire-rate and accuracy.


Here's the purple one, fires big energy bullets into the enemy, like one on up also does good damage,got good fire-rate and accuracy.


Here's the blue one, fast energy minigun, deals medium damage, has good accuracy, good fire-rate, but the bullets are slow and don't fly so fast.

And now the most original weapon in AS2...... Gas Launcher:


Fires a cloud which you can see, weapon is in BETA state, can sometimes do damage,sometimes not. Still it's fun and good weapon.Has delay in damage.

I hope you enjoy this update, have fun!

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