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Epic battles! Epic races! Epic bloodshed! Epic explosions! Epic screams! Epic Titans! Epic on Epicness! What can you ask for... The time for war is NOW! EPIC LEGIONS!

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Deuces Wild Dev. Co. has commenced work on "Warhammer 40,000: Epic Legions" mod for the DOW Soulstorm game! This is the big one! Watch out for more details soon...The original "Epic Legions" mod by Spliff will remain as is for the original "Dawn of War" game, although few people play it. Its time for the real deal!

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Epic Legions shall rise from the ashes to see the light of another day!

Times have changed when Spliff, the original creator for E L was bogged down by limits of technology of its time and loyalty from fellow peers to continue with the project. He left the option for anyone willing to continue with this project and therefore i have risen to the occasion to take over the reigns & hopefully continue with the hopes & dreams from one person to another. What should've, would've, could've will be implemented & dedicated to Spliff & to all the fans of Warhammer 40k...

This mod will be updated from DOW into DOW:Soulstorm. The original Epic Legions from Spliff for DOW will remain intact for down loads for the original DOW game. The newer version shall be created for Soulstorm.


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