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Making progresses on a big fish turns out to be much more than initially expected.

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Well, it's time I'm making some progress on a big fish.

Folks, a lot has happened ever since the first entry. Bots, new weapons, the whole nine yards. Ever since Shotgunner has commented on my trailer and saw this mod, it had been the starting point for me to do more. His compliments motivated me to strive harder and enclose new genius weaponry, and he is hoping to see the first release of this mod as I speak.

This is the turning point where I can do more than just slow development. Test footages have never been repetitive since the bots have been added. Even though I don't upload all of the footages in the ModDB, you can find them on my YouTube Channel. I will, and I repeat, I will make the first version come out as soon as possible in any capacity.
The rule of thumb is: A long delayed development keeps the contraption fresh.
And that is where it comes from. The hard work ever concocted will never be failed. I kept my promise to have some muzzleflashes. So far, Vite has contributed them to the Red Dragon Cannon and Magnum Lancer. I will do the rest in any capacity possible.

You can check the new Neohazard uploads on my YouTube channel, and maybe some stuff other than NHZ. Never will I have my development paused again except the school things.
Again, thanks to Shotgunner for motivating me to work on this mod. Even at a great length of working on it, it will serve as a practically realistic mod that will hit the MM8BDM Multiplayer Scene, and will be the first of the Future Modding Scene.

That will be all for this entry. Thank you.

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