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Entropy : Zero - Uprising reached a huge milestone recently!

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Entropy : Zero - Uprising reached a huge milestone recently!

To celebrate, we decided to release an article and some media with it. We hope you enjoy it! We also recently released a small playable demo, which you can read about (and then check out yourself) at the bottom of this article!

This article is divided into four main sections:

  • What is this milestone?
  • Introducing a new character
  • Our recent releases
  • What now?

What is this milestone?

To cut it short: Entropy : Zero - Uprising Episode 1 reached full playability, coincidentally on the same day as the release of Entropy : Zero 2 was announced. This means that the mod can now be played from start to finish in one go, without needing any console commands. It also means that every choice the player might make over a playthrough is accounted for and working properly. It does not mean, however, that the current version of the mod is a release candidate. We will need to drastically polish the visuals and we will also need to iron out any bugs and other oddities that might occur in gameplay. We will also have to review our story critically and improve things where we can. For this, we will soon run our fourth playtests.

What does the first Episode feature?

Now that we have reached full playability, we can talk about what the mod will feature with more certainty. The mod contains 20 playable maps, five chapters and around five hours of playtime on a first playthrough.

It also has its own unique storyline and characters which are consistent with the Half-Life series and Entropy : Zero and Entropy : Zero 2.

In-gameplay, the mod boasts a wide array of gameplay-types:

  • Solo Combat
  • Squad based combat
  • Companion based combat
  • Exploration
  • Puzzles
  • Driving

We made sure that none of these gameplay-types overstay their welcome. We are currently very confident with the pacing - Every Half-Life fan should find something to their liking here!

Fight your way through the streets of City 17 by yourself.

Use your allies to gain the upper hand.

Fight alongside Bec in the abandoned industrial outskirts.

Explore the urban environments and find out what the rebels are doing.

Think your way through any obstacle that gets in your way.

Use your APC to crush the competition!

Please note: The first episode uses Entropy : Zero as a base game, we are not planning to migrate it to Entropy : Zero 2. It will be released on ModDB like any other regular non-steam sourcemod.

Introducing a new character

This is where the fun begins… We have been hinting at this character for ages now! Since the last update, he has finally come to live thanks to our new voice actor Spoops.

Who is Bloody Cop?

Bloody Cop, or Bloody for short (sometimes also referred to as 'Red' in the development team), is a Civil Protection Unit who is known by his peers for his reckless efficiency. Contrary to Bec, who is more sympathetic for his allies and enemies, Bloody seemingly lacks empathy in a lot of situations.

This has only worsened since the start of the Uprising, since he has now made it his goal to gain a transhuman promotion as quickly as possible. Bloody is fully convinced that after the Uprising has been quelled, the Combine will disband and punish Civil Protection, seeing as they failed to contain the conflict. In a vain attempt to save his life, he is willing to throw away everything he has ever known, including his own memories.

There is more to him than meets the eye however, but that is something you will need to figure out once the time comes…

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Bloody's role in the game

Bloody is a companion similar to Bec, although unlike Bec, he is not able to use his NVG even partially, which is why he has to rely on a flashlight instead. With this, he is able to highlight important areas in levels as well as enemies.

Bloody's time as a companion is also not as long as Bec's, which is why his response system is not as advanced. Still, he currently has 50 voice lines used in his response system, from a total of 172 voice lines.

Our recent releases

The demo

With the release of Entropy : Zero 2, some players might have noticed (and maybe even played) a certain workshop addon. This addon is a demo for Uprising's last map of chapter 2, which we have showcased on YouTube already.

We encourage you to check it out and tell us what you think!

(Please note, that due to this demo map running on EZ2, some things will differ from the final release)

The Wallpaper Collection

Though this collection was originally only intended for private use, we thought some people might be interested in it! It hosts several Uprising related wallpapers for Wallpaper Engine, you can check them out here!

What now?

As much as we hate to keep you, the player, waiting, we will likely take a lot of time polishing this mod to the best of our abilities.

As a result, we might go silent for a while, as making these updates takes a lot of precious time - time that should rather be spent on improving the product. We might still post some pieces of the soundtrack from time to time.

Now that the first episode is fully playable, we could estimate a realistic release date for said episode. We won't however, as this would only raise false hopes. We hope to get it out in a year's time, but we have no idea if that is feasible.

In any case, we will announce a specific release date once we are ready for release. This will then be the topic of our next media update on ModDB. Stick around so you don't miss it!

Thank you for taking your time to read through this update (we hope you enjoyed it!) and for remaining patient, we will see you up ahead.

St.Jimmy23 - - 64 comments

Major hype! Look forward to seeing what you've done when you're ready :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
AyeBlin - - 366 comments

Can't wait!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zorro_de_la_noche - - 562 comments

This mod looks promising; I hope it is closer to EZ and not EZ2.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
BlackHand- - - 654 comments

I got confused bit a here, is Uprising mixed with EZ1 and EZ2 now? Some episodes playable with EZ1 and some with EZ2?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Employee8 Author
Employee8 - - 78 comments

That's right. Episode 1 will be on EZ1, while the two episodes that come after will be on EZ2. We explained this in the March update article

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