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This article will cover features in EZ - Uprising in more in-depth than before.

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Although already briefly covered in this article, here I'll go more in depth about the features in our mod.

1) Squad based combat:
During the mod, you will encounter many Civil Protection units. Some of them will follow your lead. Same as in Entropy : Zero 2, squad mates can also be removed from the squad, if you choose to do so.

The boys!

They move!

2) Player Allies:
But not only cops will follow and help you. APCs will also help you in combat, as well as Striders and flying units.

3) New Enemies:
We already covered the Traitor Cops briefly, but we didn't cover the Traitor APC yet!

This APC has been used by the Resistance for quite some time now. It's main purpose is to transport supplies, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous. Unlike the APCs in the Half-Life 2 series, you'll see this one multiple times. And it will see you.


  • Drivable APC:
    We got the drivable APC from ez2 (originally from Human Error) to work in Uprising. We are planning some cool ideas right now. Just a hint: one idea involves the Traitor APC ;)

  • New old guns:
    This isn't new for a Half-Life mod, but it is somewhat new for Entropy : Zero 1. You'll be able to use the revolver, the crossbow and the RPG. The revolver also got an upgrade, it deals way more damage than in the base EZ1.

  • Breens Private Reserve:
    "Don't drink the water! They put something in it, to make you forget!"
    Based off of this quote by a citizen, Filipad designed the -as we like to call it- can feature.

    Over the course of the campaign, the player will have the chance to drink the water. The main character has a past that haunts him, if he chooses to drink it, it will make him forget it.

    If drugged by the water, the main character will be more upbeat.
    If not drugged by the water, the main character will be pissed off. Not only that, he will also have hallucinations and nightmares. Pay close attention if you want to spot them!

  • Molotovs:
    These are not used by the player, but by citizens. Watch your feet.
    Note: the map shown in the video is yet to be polished properly.

  • Climb on your buddies:
    I'm sure anyone that ever played a Half-Life game somehow ended up on the head of an NPC. We made that into a feature. Sometimes the path gets blocked by a ledge. Maybe your squad mate will be kind enough to provide his head as a stepladder. Like this guy here:

Truly a nice guy.

That will be it for now. Thanks for reading!


Nice will this mod work on Nvidea GTX930m graphics card ?

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Employee8 Author

If you can run Entropy Zero on it, you should be able to run this mod

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If you can run any source game you should be able to run the mod

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Nice stuff! Looking forward to it.

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that jumping on a mans head is hilarious...

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