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All of the info you need about this mod is in this article.

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Hello and thank you, for your interest in my upcoming mod: Entropy Zero.

This mod places you in the boots of a lone Metrocop, stuck in City 10. The best way I can introduce you to the mod is to ask you to watch the development trailer - check it out!

More details on the story as the mod develops. Speaking of development...

I'm aiming for release end of this year. Earlier if possible. The mod is nearly finished start to end. I am currently working on the final chapter and running detail passes. The trailer is already dated in terms of the content shown.

Here's a quick list of what you can expect from this mod:

  • Play the bad guy - you'll be facing the rebels and Vortigaunts of City 10.
  • Experience the world before Freeman's return.
  • No HEV suit. The Combine aren't as well equipped as Freeman. Taking a bullet in this mod hurts.
  • Integration with Half-Life lore. The mod is obviously non-canon, but it plays with various ideas from Half-Life 2. For example, you'll find out what made Laszlo the "Finest mind of his generation".
  • Combine arsenal - utilize an experimental AR2 and the trusty Stunstick.

I want to provide the community with a good, decent slice of Half-Life. I cherish the franchise and have always wanted to make something of my own within the universe. The mod is very lore heavy. It should not be considered canon - however, I am hoping this will give those eager to see the continuation of the franchise something to chew on after all of these years of silence.

Watch this space for more information, and thank you to all of my followers for your support.


Ooh, I am interested in that Laszlo thing you mentioned there. Man, this mod is going to be awesome, I can already tell (i could already tell anyways from what you've shown on your facebook, but anyways :P ), good luck on this (once again, feel like i've said this before about this xd )!

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You should add a Combine Sniper Rilfe, Deployable Manhacks, & Nightvision, it'd be fitting since you're playing as a Combine Soldier.

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Breadman_at_Hartley Author

This mod now has Manhacks and Nightvision.

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