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8 months, from 2 people to 4, 1 phase : production ! Let there be ART !!

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It's been roughly 8 months we've started the preproduction phase. We were only 2, a software architect and me as a technical artist. After few tests with motivated people we went 4, adding a game artist and a lead artist.

Whilst the procedural generation was scheduled to maintain a good structure -and easy to iterate, the background story, game document and many other cool stuff drove the project to new level, entering in Production phase !

Placeholders are being replaced, let there be ART !


Also starting multiplayer tests, level design tends to be more accurate and balanced. Dynamical events still sounds viable to put in place. We now focus on those 2 points ;
- Define artistic guidelines
- Slightly adding/densify gameplay features

Project is in a very good shape !

Let's ship it !

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