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Started as a successor to Eisenfaust's Realism Mod, this mod is set out to be the absolute pinnacle form of what Star Wars Battlefront could have been, and should be. Huge intense battles, immersive sound effects and visuals, do anything you want, go anywhere you want. Fight the battle YOUR way.

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After releasing 2.4 a few weeks ago, I was finally tuned-up on the Battlefront modding knowledge I lost during a 3 year hiatus. I tend to shift interest in my hobbies around every couple of months or so, so I knew there was no time to waste. I HAD to get the hard stuff out of the way before It was too late. Thus, after many hours of personal modding-crunch time, brings a new update for all of you, this time focusing on the graphics and maps.

What's New in 2.5-

(More in-depth changelog featured in the main file download page)

  • New 'Enhanced' maps. These include HD textures, longer draw distances, Expanded map space, more decorations, etc. These do not replace the vanilla maps, but are added alongside them for those who prefer to play the classics.
  • Decreased the high reinforcement counts on all maps. This was an oversight left over in old versions when each and every shot was a 1-hit kill, so higher reinforcement counts were necessary for time balancing.
  • Units now use the 'prone' position when taking cover, and hide in clever defensive spots waiting for the unsuspecting player to pass by. (ENHANCED-MAPS-ONLY FEATURE!)
  • Rocket launchers now have a bigger blast/push radius. You can now send units flying in a raw display of power >:).
  • Tanks now move more akin to their vanilla speed. I found the sluggish movement I gave them prior a huge annoyance.
  • HD Textures for units and effects
  • HD Models by Gistech have been taken away for the time being. Their animations start to fall flat on maps with large numbers of units, and until there's a way to bypass the memory limit with models and animations, we will have to stick with the vanilla assets, which blend better into the game's style anyway.

Future wishlist/modifications if we ever figure out a way to increase hardcoded memory limits-

  • Remove the 16mb and 32mb memory limit so we can have HD Models for Units, Vehicles, Flora and buildings.
  • Remove the memory limit on the animation system so all units use high-quality movement animations
  • No limit to decals or effects such as blaster impacts on water
  • Make extremely large view distances viewable and stable
  • Remove 32mb limit on sound effects

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