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Started as a successor to Eisenfaust's Realism Mod, this mod is set out to be the absolute pinnacle form of what Star Wars Battlefront could have been, and should be. Huge intense battles, immersive sound effects and visuals, do anything you want, go anywhere you want. Fight the battle YOUR way.

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Hello everyone, hope you're doing well.

It's certainly been a hot minute since the last update.
Almost 8 months now you've been in the dark as to what me and the team have been up to this whole time.
I've been waiting for the right time to announce it, making sure we could actually pull it off without any false-promises.

And that time is now.

Presented today are limitations that were forever thought to be impossible to alter/fix.
Limitations even the greatest/most experienced reverse engineering minds of the Battlefront modding community haven't been able to fix in over 15 years.

Through many, many hours of rigorous testing and troubleshooting, we are happy to finally say we've done the impossible.

Here's a list of what we've completed so far and plan to complete-

- Fix model memory limitation (Low res units fix) - Completed ✅
~This fixes the jarring switch out of hi-res unit models/animations to their low-res counterparts. In vanilla, the max hi-res units you can have around you is 3 at a time. This limitation is removed, allowing for hundreds of hi-res units on screen at once with hi-res animations. No more tumble-weed troops!

- RedEngine Memory Increase- Completed ✅
Along with playing a role in fixing the model memory, we have raised the memory allowed by RedEngine as a whole, which allows for over 500 million polygons on screen. We have tested this with un-optimized BF2 2017 models with 400 troops, and it doesn't break a sweat! This fix opens up the door for modders to go ham and create beautiful hi-poly assets and effects for the game.

- Raise the total working AI count allowed on the maps- Completed ✅
Though vanilla has no real limitation on the number of units that can spawn on a map, the max amount of active units total is capped at around 100, however. On larger maps, this causes 50 or so units on each team to stand around doing nothing until they reach their place in the queue. We have done away with this limitation, and now all units are able to be activated by the AI system!

- Command more than 2 AI with the 'Follow Me' key- Completed ✅
Ever wish you could command more than 2 units? Well we did, which is why you can now command 8 units! Now you can finally lead a decent sized raid-party to capture those enemy CPs.

- Fix Crouch glitch in steam version- Completed ✅
Have you been playing the Steam version of Battlefront and noticed the crouch button sometimes making you go prone? This annoying bug is now fixed!

- Fix Effects Limitation (explosions, blaster fire, etc)- Completed ✅
*Raises the total number of allowed effects on screen (blaster fire, explosions, water splash impacts, etc).

- Fix Zero Editor Memory fix- Completed ✅
A good fix for you modders out there who want to edit a map without having to offload your textures and models. We have created our own 'HD' patch for Zero Editor that allows you to load maps with higher resolution textures without it crashing. Saves a lot of time!

- Increase Vehicle limit- Completed ✅
*In vanilla you can have a max of around 20 vehicles on a map. We have removed this limitation, allowing for massive air and tank battles.

- Fix limitation on foliage distance/amount- Completed ✅
Raises the distance at which foliage can appear on screen. Naboo: Plains now has big lush fields!

- Fix limitation on decal distance- Completed ✅
Raises the distance at which decals ( like terrain burns ) can appear on screen, and the amount. Watch as the battlefield progressively gets more destroyed!


Limitations to Complete-

- Fix Sound Memory Limitation ⌛

- Increase AI Shooting distance / Aggro distance ⌛

- Fix Hub/Node limitation that causes some AI to not following a path ⌛

-Allow more than 200 Units per team. ⌛

Potential Future Fixes-
-Fix Multiplayer Limitations❔
- Add the 6th Unit Class ❔
- Add Custom Galactic Conquest ❔

Future Additions to Complete-

Due to the fact so many limitations have been removed from the game, we are aiming to completely overhaul the game's graphics, which includes Hi-Res vehicle and unit models, as well as higher poly models for buildings.

If you or someone you know would like to help out with this endeavor, please reach out to me.

To keep up to date, please visit our Discord-



Thank you so much for all your hard work mate!

Although I'm wondering how come you didn't choose BF2's engine to implement these enhanced features? Doesn't that engine provide more modding possibilities?

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Antstafer Author

I never liked BF2 due to it's rushed release. Missing prone, worse AI that only targets the player, bad looking HUD, etc. Some also just prefer BF1 due to the fact you're "just another soldier", and not a hero.

The only advantage BF2 had over the first game were the Jedi-Sith battles, Space battles and less restrictions on memory. It also has it's own remaster being worked on.

It's about time the underdog got it's spotlight back, after being cast aside for years due to it's restrictions. No longer :)

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I can't believe you guys managed to make the OG battlefront look better than BF2, it looks magical!

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