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Started as a successor to Eisenfaust's Realism Mod, this mod is set out to be the absolute pinnacle form of what Star Wars Battlefront could have been, and should be. Huge intense battles, immersive sound effects and visuals, do anything you want, go anywhere you want. Fight the battle YOUR way.

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This will probably be one of the last updates for this mod for some time, as I've got other projects that I need to shift focus on. Unless a big modding breakthrough happens, the only updates you may see are small patches fixing game-breaking bugs and minor improvements.

Aside from some annoying bugs I couldn't fix on some of the maps, this mod is more or less feature complete.

What's New in 2.6-

  • Fix for light sabers not deflecting
  • Gistech's improved ATST and ATAT models added back in
  • Added Free Camera Mode
  • Hi-Res Casting Shadows for all models
  • Vehicles and all grenades now use the large water splash effect when shooting water
  • Gave the large water explosion effect further LOD
  • Rebalanced Concussion grenades to make them a lot more fun, and deal a bit more damage to vehicles.
  • Kashyyyk Islands- Mountain background and sky color corrected
  • Kashyyyk Islands- Foliage appearing inside certain buildings removed
  • Kashyyyk Docks- Fixed floating objects
  • Kashyyyk Docks- Edited HintNodes around beachhead so the defending team is actually looks like they're defending the position
  • Geonosis- Fixed issue with CIS not continuing the path through the canyon after CP capture
  • Geonosis- Fixed barriers on canyon rocks and added more HintNodes around the battlefield

Future wish list/modifications if we ever figure out a way to increase hard-coded memory limits-

  • Remove the 16mb and 32mb memory limit so we can have HD Models for Units, Vehicles, Flora and buildings.
  • Remove the memory limit on the animation system so all units use high-quality movement animations
  • No limit to decals or effects such as blaster impacts on water
  • Make extremely large view distances viewable and stable
  • Remove 32mb limit on sound effects

Official Discord - . Come join the multiplayer fun!


-Pandemic for the Mod Tools, and LucasArts for the game.

-Gistech for his Visual Sides mod ♥. Sounds and ATST/ATAT models

-Eisenfaust for giving me the inspiration to start this mod years back ♥

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