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Enhanced Combat Leader: Beyond Overlord ver.2.94 developer’s diary: currently working on British faction both XXX Corps and I Corps doctrine trees for release of a new hotfix patch build03092013 also correcting many bugs and gameplay mechanics from users input during beta testing. Please delete old version of ECL completely and all the modules. There will be a new release that is totally overhauled with new content and many bug fixes.

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Build03092013 changelog:

1. fixed British ui to have accurate description of
units that are listed

2. edited british doctrine tree to correct mistakes
in the off-map-reinforcements

3. added new units to both the commandos as well as
all XXX Corps units

4. Corrected bug which caused game crashes. (bad .lua

5. Corrected missing .rgd file errors

6. Implemented high resolution ground effects

7. Implemented custom off-map reinforcements for panzer elite

8. Added new unit to panzer elite aufsklarung
gruppe 4-man team with (1MG-42 LMG; 1 MP-40 SMG)

9. Corrected british campaign errors

10. Modified tutorials to accommodate changes made
by the Enhanced Combat Leader: Beyond Overlord ver.2.94 total conversion
modification. So new players can learn game mechanics through tutorial

wolff69 Author

I am releasing a new build very soon quite honestly am currently finishing the test process now so can remove all the bugs from this build then I will begin the changes for the next build because there is so much new stuff it’s going to need greater clarification so that you can even play the tutorial because you will need to learn the mechanics and how to play enhanced combat leader. For example this is the current stuff for the next build:

1. Implementing now new camouflage system that permits players to conceal their tanks in cover and if they may camouflage then you have the ability to hide them in cover and this camouflage can only be implemented near bushes and brush and other terrain. But not all tanks can do this as they don’t have a profile small enough to conceal (after all could you imagine hiding the Maus tank in a little bush?)

2. Anti-tank crews are more dangerous they can build the anti-tank pit emplacement and other defensive for Germans (although limited and very specialized and limit on what they can build.) also they have panzerfaust so don’t try to run circles around them or you will be hit by a short range anti-tank weapon.

3. The critical hit systems are also getting a review machine guns can rout unprepared infantry that encounter them by surprise. Artillery not only does damage but it stuns so do big caliber rounds. Tank to tank combat is much better now allowing for units to do wider variety different critical hits for all tank crew men being hurt or killed with the vehicle which affects how they perform and operate the tank. Also fire after hit in engine does continues damage and can secondary explode ammo causing catastrophic explosion to vehicle also debating making wreck crushable by only heavy crush vehicles. (But I’ll need peoples input on whether it’s cool realistic or no because it’s wrong or fake.)

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