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Using StoneTrip's ShiVa Game Engine Software, so future Platform Ports may be an Option.

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Hello, I am Jonathan, the Lead Programmer for the ReggaeSpeed Project. I just wanted to say that the Team have decided that the Engine Software we will be using is StoneTrip's ShiVa Game Engine. This Engine is Powerful and Platform Independent by nature, so although we are targetting the Game for PC, Mac and Linux, future Ports to other supported hardware (such as the Nintendo Wii, the iPhone and the PSP) are always an option. Also, I've been Coding the Game to be as versatile as possible (it's now mostly written in C++, a Multi-Platform, Industry Standard Programming Language), so Porting the Game can be done with the minimum of fuss. It's also been highly optimized on the Coding End, so that Embedded and Older Hardware can still run the Game with an acceptable Framerate. Advanced visual effects such as Bloom and Depth-Of-Field can obviously be turned off for Hardware which does not support it. Visit our Website, Sign-Up for the Forums and Stay Tuned for more ReggaeSpeed Updates!

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