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The second part of the enemies showcasing in Sewer Tea. Today some more enemies to fill the levels featuring egg-laying mutations and government stolen robots.

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Hi again,

Today I'm writing to show the rest of enemies in the early levels of the game.
Before I write about anything, check the video below and let me know what you think but be advised, be kind with the pistol shooting system which is total work in progress:

There's only a new batch of new enemies that will complete the total amount of enemies in the early levels. However, keep in mind that some times I got the inspiration and decide to add random new enemies to expand the total amount of enemies in the game. So, as always, this basically means that so far, all Sewer Tea's progress is subject to change (hopefully in this case meaning adding more enemies as the development gets closer to release).


Eggers are mutations that came directly from the sewers and that's why they look quite gooey and like a mixing of different animals. As their name suggests, they go around laying eggs. These eggs hatch over time, spawning sewer flies. The egger itself can also harm you on contact.

Sewer fly:
Sewer fly

Flies that fly randomly without any marked objective. They just wander around the level and hurt you on contact. They're pretty easy to kill but they can be quite annoying. Later I will make a sewer fly mother which will be covered by sewer flies.

Yup, I know what it looks like. Totally intended.

Secreters don't move. They're just branches of mutations of sewer tea that organically evolved into some sort of new vegetable that throws explosive balls filled with sewer tea. They can randomly spawn several of these balls and they have quite a big endurance, so approach them carefully.


Slowbots are robots used by the terrorist organization. They go randomly from one side of the room to the other and have an aura of effect that slows down the player. If you're caught by this area of effect, just destroy the bot with a sword slash before another creature will kill you.

That's all for now. As always remember to follow me on twitter to keep track of the latest news. I'll be shortly posting the winner of the humble bundle mentioned in the last post.


babeco - - 157 comments

I love the b/w style

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Kuznetsovsky Author
Kuznetsovsky - - 284 comments

Glad you like it!

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Drithyl - - 21 comments

The Egger looks like it's hiding something. Shady.

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Syatoslav - - 6 comments

lol the secreter looks like a dong

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Kuznetsovsky Author
Kuznetsovsky - - 284 comments

That is, because they're, in fact, depictions of Satan's *****. Thanks for noticing, though :]

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