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Here are the Top 10 winners of the Endless Space 2 #EndlessMods Modding Contest.

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The Endless Space 2 #EndlessMods Modding Contest has come to a close! Modders were tasked with creating a mod for Amplitude Studios’ 4X strategy game Endless Space 2 – and those mods went in the running to win some awesome prizes from Amplitude, Sega, and NVIDIA.

Now, from the plethora of mods submitted, the Top 10 winners have been selected and are revealed, below. Entries were selected based on their creativity, complexity, fun factor, and playability. All 10 winners will receive a Sega digital game bundle; those placing from 4th to 2nd will also receive a signed and framed Endless Space 2 print; while the first place winner will get their lucky hands on a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU!

endless space prizes

Congratulations to all the winners below, and thank you to all those who entered the #EndlessMods Modding Contest! For more information, and to view all entries, visit the competition page.



Sandbox Mod

Created by: CyRob

Traits Preview

Sandbox: Extra Trait Points
- Gives you 999 Trait Points to play around with, have fun! (9999 Points as of Version 5.2)


Deep Space Mining

Created by: Timmeh_ZA

Image 1

Adds various strategic resources to special nodes (asteroids, nebulas, black holes, etc.)
Also increases the dust/science/influence/industry yield slightly.

Image 12

This mod attempts to rebalance and polish all the aspects of the game centered around luxury resources, starting from altering galaxy generation so that all luxuries spawn in a given Galaxy, to rebalancing all the effects luxuries have on System Upgrades while also encouraging players to use varied resources in their upgrades.


Community Mod Project

Created by: CyRob

What's New!

The Community Mod Project is similar to the G2G Balance mod but the main goal of this project is to make changes / add features to make the game more fun & Interesting, keeping everything balanced is a secondary goal.


More Traits

Created by: Redraluin

Starting Minor Population

Many new traits for even more customization. The full list of trait is too big to be listed here. Traits are aimed to be balanced. (Hero Traits, More level for traits, Mixed traits, Empire traits, new Minor Population, Unique traits, Population traits, Heroes of your choice and more.)



Black Heroes

Created by: Jaylo138

Image 2


Blitz Mod

Created by: Timmeh_ZA

BlitzModDescript 1


Heroes of Auriga

Created by: Spyb0y

Image 6


Endless Romance

Created by: lilyophelia

Endless Romance - Update v1.3 - The Warship Update

Endless Romance is a high-quality quest mod that adds a massive amount of new story and depth to your ES2 playthroughs. Adds more than 1 Romanceable Hero, 34 New Events, 85 Unique Choices, 19 Different Endings, 3 Exciting Epilogues, 8 Buildable Histories, and 18 Original Illustrations.

We hope you enjoy these incredible mods and take the time to try them out yourself to enhance your Endless Space 2 experience! Once again, thank you to all modders who entered the competition; thank you to Amplitude Studios and Sega for partnering with us to make this competition happen; and congratulations to the above winners! Finally, all entrants can be viewed on the main Endless Space 2 #EndlessMods competition page.

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INtense! StaffOnline

Congratulations to all winners! Amazing effort

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I don't get how "Palette Mod" is #5 but "Rebalanced Luxuries" is #8

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