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New name! And more to come with this sixth release!

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After much deliberation, I've finally decided on what to finally call the mod - Moros it is no more! Originally, when I set out to make this mod, I had different goals and themes in mind. When these goals and themes changed, the name remained as somewhat of a placeholder - I had to call it something! I think Endgame fits the mod very well - the way the mod works itself is very chesslike, with everything coming down to that endgame period where the winner and loser is decided!

I'm currently looking into setting up some sort of meeting place for players to find other individuals interested in playing games, as well as a location to organize this tournament I have in mind. It's all going slower than I'd like, but since I'm only one person only so much can be done at a time. I still have my eye out for some maps to release, hopefully in the next release. Any mappers who would be interested in contributing, please contact me! I'd love to see what you would come up with.

I still have further ideas for the development of the doctrine system, as well as a few further 'reward' units (replacement, rather) to be implemented into the game.

Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing you in game.


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