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Notice about employee appearance survey and patch Note.

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1. Notice about employee appearance survey

We are in the process of surveying the appearance of employees.
Please choose the appearance of the employee from the survey link.

The survey will be conducted until 8/27.
2. Patch Note
1. Balance adjustment

  • Increase Queen bee spore damage
  • Decrease Snow White’s Apple Vine damage
  • Decrease attack damage when Tall bird escaping
  • Increase in employee experience

2. Bug fixes

  • In the English version, the words related to employee's ability were mixed.
  • Modify the work limit count of Happy Teddy
  • Red Shoes, Abandoned Killer's management method modification
  • Rudol-ta of Sled's encyclopedia modification
  • Problem with Tall bird's risk level being displayed as HE
  • Fix weapon range typing
  • The image of Snow White's apple weapon has gone wrong
  • Problems that Snow White's apple weapons did not explain
  • Teddy's weapon image did not come up
  • The probability of acquisition of the orchestra auxiliary device is 0%
  • Problem in which ASIYAH was written in ASSIYAH in inventory UI
  • Problem that work level seemed to be broken with working command UI
  • Problem that the lower part of the list of employees of the deployment part looked broken
  • Problem listed in the list of employees of the previous version UI
  • Problem that the defense attribute of the orchestra did not change
  • The problem of red shoe fascinating effect coming from foot
  • Problem that Abnormality of the previous version appeared
  • Hod's portrait did not appear on the research screen
  • The abnormality hp bar could not be seen even when the information team research proceeding
  • Hod's Experience research is limited to the education team
  • The text of the research from the English version was outputted in the previous version of the research text
  • Problem with the black filter placed over some sterling story before the standing illustration
  • Mission UI disappeared from story part
  • Fixed story part mistake typo
  • Magical girl's name does not change according to the observation level
  • Problem that it was impossible to suppress officers who were attracted to red shoes
  • Fixed UI problem when clicking worker bee
  • Add Red Shoes, Scorched girl’s Shadow
  • Duplicate display in work log
  • Weapon names are truncated in Inventory UI
  • Edit inventory UI to be closed with ESC

3. Update Schedule Notice
The update will be in the second week of September.
The following information is added when updating.

  • Added six existing Abnormalities
  • Add two more Ordeals
  • Edit employee appearance
  • Lob Compensation System Reorganization: The earlier clearing time, the reward system will be changed so that you can earn more lob points.
  • Add Employee Special Employment
  • Add Employee Strengthening System: You will be able to use your lob to strengthen your employees status.
  • inventory UI reorganization

Thank you.

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