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This is a historical mod, developing by Turkish MB players.

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*Anatolian Seljuk State

*The Greek Empire Of Trabzon*

*The Byzantine Empire*

*The Kingdom Of Georgia*

*Fatimid Sultanate*

*The Pechenek Khanate*

*Papal State*

*Kingdom Of Hungarian*


- New Item
- Suitable Cultural Army and Rank System
- New Cities
- New Calendars
- New Stars
- New Music
- Receive Sounds
- Hunting
Change the name of your city
- Do not make your own flag from Camp Men (Cheatmenu active)
- A New Map
- The New Soldiers
- War of the Sea
- Looking at the Political Map from the Reports Menu
- Headquarters
- Post Speech with Elderly Elderly
- General Screen
- Private Startup
- Taverna Animation
- You can wash your hands in the fountains in the basins
- New City Scenes
- New Castle Stages
- Dining System
- Kings and Lords now have mercenaries
- Soldier Purchase from the City (You can find it on the Market menu)
- Entering the Camp
- Seeing the Military Tree of States from the Relief Men
- Freelanc is
Donate to the Church
Duty of Almighty from the Lord
- 3 Card Game
- Militia Barracks in the City and the Towns (in the city edit option)
- Bank (You will see a conversation with the head of any guild)
Direct interview with the guild leader from the city menu
- Cami and İmam Eklendi (in Konya)
- head cutting
- Ok, Number of darts and javelins increased
- Date changed to 1080
- Spirit Mission Added and Great Tasks for Soldier
Waiting For You and More Especially Together
- Animation Animation Activated (by pressing z)
- Going another city with a ship from the lemon city
- Moda Has Made a Suitable Logo
- Right in the City Menu
- We Will Follow You
- Frame Icon Changed
- Articles Changed
- Music System [Detailed!]
- When we want to change the party name of the party (when we are 300): D: D)
- Muppets Soldier Rate Bar (by pressing the Shift key)
- Handa Text Tour
- We can change the title of the Vassals as King (on camping menu)
- Creating Soldiers of the Kingdom
- Tots Changed
- Added Hot Arrow
- Hisar: You can now create your own pens
- You can trade with the caravans
- Harit Coatings Changed

And gameplay video!


This is a Good Mod it look's really cool.

Bu gerçekten harika iyi bak Mod olduğunu.

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ignore my funny name (:

komik adım yoksay

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