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Create fun emojis to express how great you are at RYB.

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Emoji Madness

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New poster to showcase a feature for the online matches.
Creating an emoji with three different expressions to allow you to convey emotion during a game as there is no text or voice chat in game.

I had original considered implementing text based chat during matches, but eventually I felt that it was unnecessary and would most likely lead to a lot of people s**t talking each other. And in a 1v1 game like RYB, there isn't really any need to talk to each other.

But I still wanted there to be some sort of communication between players so I created these emojis with a little character creation option so that players can customize them to their own taste. And then use them in a match to express a wide range of emotions.

The expressions and accessories in the poster below is only part of what a player can create with what is current in game, but I do hope to add many more different colors, expressions and accessories in the future.

Emote Poster

RYB Board Game is out now
App Store and the Google Play Store

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