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We present to your attention a series of main opponents.

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Soldier Ants

Ordinary fighters of the Ant Empire.

Most of the soldiers are recruited from the laborers, and their whole service is digging trenches. On especially difficult days, everyone can be mobilized. Soldier ants can only shoot and drag stones, their ideas about the world are limited to trenches and the rumble of shells.

They are armed with single-shot rifles with bayonets and wear blue uniforms with silver patches. Seeing the enemy, they shoot, they use bayonets and mandibles in close combat, however, despite their ferocious temper and physical strength, they are weak in spirit and easily panic.


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Hussar Ants

From experienced soldiers - veterans of military operations - hussar regiments are formed. They are re-equipped, given high-quality rifles and durable armor, which ordinary soldiers do not have. War for the hussars is their native element. Seeing the enemy, they furiously rush into battle, death is not perceived as something sad and ominous - rather, on the contrary: it is a liberation from life's hardships, as natural as life itself. The hussars despise the soldier ants, because they consider construction to be a dirty, insignificant business.

Hussars are formidable rivals, keeping the whole of Wonderland at bay. They are assigned the most dangerous tasks, which they successfully complete.

Dressed in a crimson uniform, they carry multi-shot self-cocking rifles. They move quickly, tend to close combat, and therefore strive to face the enemy face to face. Their physique is stronger than that of ordinary warriors.

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Sniper Ants

The main features of snipers are obedience, discipline and quick reaction. No wonder: the most organized and observant soldiers become snipers, who take special courses where they are trained in marksmanship at long distances. Before being sent to war, they are given large-caliber rifles with spyglasses, thanks to which the firing range is increased several times. Despite the fact that the hussars sneer at them: “Miserable cowards! You can't go head-to-head with the enemy!"
- Snipers are indispensable, their duties are far from easy. Sniper rifles sow death hundreds of meters from cover, and the work requires endurance and increased concentration. Snipers live here and now, perceive only objective reality, full of deceit and hostility. They don't know what a romantic dual world is!

Snipers guard the victim at long distances. They can be recognized by their brown uniforms, like puma fur. Sniper rifles can cause significant damage - much more than the guns of ordinary fighters. Snipers are static figures. Despite the horror and fatigue, they do not leave their positions.

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llustration - by Andrey Kucher
Text editor - Vasilisa Mayorova



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