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Check out the highlights behind our latest patch and a hint of the burgeoning backstory.

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After months of hard work and no small amount of coffee, Coffee Stain Studios is proud to announce that we've torn down Elysion One.

Now, don't get me wrong. The game itself is fine. In fact, we've just released a whole slew of updates and more than a few DLCs. Even as I speak (metaphorically speaking, of course), there's a programmer somewhere working on yet another improvement.

Elysion One, on the other hand, is a whole different story. The aliens have finally overtaken the defenses. The city is in shambles. Fortunately, however, the military still has a few tricks up their collective sleeves.

(Amongst other things, we also have three other maps for you to explore.)

The Penetrator

A slow-firing, heavy-duty turret that will do nothing against aerial units and everything against ground-based enemies, the Penetrator is proof that the best way to an alien's heart is through its friends.Best used along long, narrow corridors and in conjunction with the Holo Tower or a series of strategically placed AMP fields, the Penetrator will provide an extra boost of damage where it is most needed. It's also a fine piece of paid DLC that can be picked up for 0.99 Euros.

The Violator

Have you ever watched, shocked and appalled, as a few stragglers dash past your fine-tuned defenses to fling themselves into your Core? Too far away to do anything else, you must have, at least once, prayed for a savior. The Violator is the answer to those prayers. Boasting of a phenomenal combat radius, the Violator will sit high above the map, keeping a watchful eye on all and sundry.

Though capable of firing across impossible ranges, the Violator's biggest weakness is the pace of its attacks. Slow and steady, it needs to be supplemented by a clever assortment of aerial and terran towers. Nonetheless, regardless of those limitations, it will still drop that Walker seconds before it hits the Core. Those interested in utilizing the Violator's prowess can purchase it for 0.99 Euros.

The Holo Tower

What's better than your average tower? A holographic tower, that's what. The Holo tower will be one of the few non-offensive units in your arsenal. Useless on its own, the Holo tower shines brightest when paired with another tower or a particularly opportunistic player. Projectiles that pass through the Holo's glimmering heart will have their damage amplified. The Holo Tower is part of the free update.

The AMP field

Much like the slow field, the AMP field inflicts a status debuff on enemies unfortunate enough to tread upon it. But where the slow field, well, slows enemies, the AMP field causes them to receive more damage when hit. We're not really sure how the field works but the military scientists says that it has something to do with ruining the molecular integrity of the enemy's armor. The AMP field is also part of the free update.

The Killing Floor

Like the archaic land mine, the Killing Floor deals damage to whomever steps upon it. That's pretty much it. It's a segment of the floor that hurts things. Depending on how hurt that metaphorical 'thing' might be, the Killing Floor is also capable of living up to its name and killing them dead. It's available for 0.99 on the Steam store.


Red skies, broken architecture and Runners everywhere you turn. Elysion One has fallen. Nonetheless, things aren't quite as bad as they sound just yet. Though the Bridge has fallen into shambles, it's still serviceable. There's still time. Rescue missions are currently underway. However, someone needs to keep the rest of the aliens at bay while the civilians run for cover.Guess who it's going to be? The Aftermath map can be purchased for 1.99 Euros


Murphy's Law dictates that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, something exemplified in the earthquake that recently shook Elysion One. Though there were few casualties and little structural damage, many still fear the worst. The aftershocks have yet to cease. If anything, they seem to be increasing in intensity. As worrying as that might be, the rumours are even worse. Some say that the aftershocks are the result of something other than rampant seismic activity..Still, that's not your concern. There are aliens to shoot. As is the case with all the other purchasable maps, you can either hop into an Aftershock game that is being hosted by someone else or purchase your own map for 1.99 Euros.


You were expecting a story here as well, weren't you? Well, there isn't one. Complex was more of an experiment. We wanted to offer more than just the average map. Complex is our first attempt to expand upon existing concepts. By removing aerial threats and implementing a more traditional approach to tower defense, we're moving to improve the player experience.Depending on how well it's received, we might start delivering more unusual maps. Needless to say, this is free.

Equipment System

Seeing how we intend to continue providing both free content and paid DLCs, the equipment system was pretty much an inevitable feature. However, with an equipment system comes a few limitations. Players will only have three weapon slots and a limited amount of tower slots. Unlike weapon slots, the amount of towers one player can bring into a game varies according to the number of people playing.We have big plans for the equipment system but you're going to have to be patient. We'll tell you more when the time is right.

Klon116 - - 721 comments

I think free stuff and paid DLC at the same time is a very good strategy to keep the community together but also to increase the revenues a bit.
Hopefully you spent some of the money to create more of this awesome stuff for us! ;)

I really enjoy how this game is growing :)

Keep it up!

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darknigthmare - - 404 comments

i have buy all dlc because you made great game and great content
i hope see soon another free dlc and not to high price dlc ^^

complex map is a good gameplay you can made another like this i hope will be liked by players

maybe add some new monsters,characters,weapons too

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AntonWestbergh Author
AntonWestbergh - - 43 comments

I don't really want to make any promises just yet but we've certainly got a lot up our sleeves. Stay tuned. (And tell your friends!)

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jalex3 - - 57 comments

I will be buying the dlc soon. I like the mix of paid and free. i also like how the game has become more tactical with picking towers and stuff.

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AntonWestbergh Author
AntonWestbergh - - 43 comments

Thank you! It's only going to get better. ;)

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