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Here I am going to tell the details of the new version and its new things.

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Hello I would like to say that finally elite doom is already finished and I have been working since 2018 or 2019 and finally it is finished as I wanted ... I want to clarify that I could not work much with elitedoom since I did not have time nor those of slayer dev either but there is horrible news I fractured my arm but I was able to work hard with elitedoom this full version will also have updates either of a new weapon or a new function also create some graphics in reshade for elitedoom as is usually done in brutal doom or in Project brutality



also improved some things like blood, the rocket launcher sprite, the zombie marine attacks, lighting was added to the mod and other things I hope you enjoy this final version

Another thing I want to thank the people who were supporting us:
Kunaii Lord
Игровой Канал Бутера
[Killer] Lemy
Storm WaterTime

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