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Next up is Nitrogen, a character specializing in burst damage and getting in and out of fights quickly.

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Element Spotlight: Nitrogen

The "Lively" Element

N splash 1

Nitrogen may not have a lot of health or armor, but he packs a mean punch. His abilities let him go in and out of battle as he pleases, letting him sneak up on the enemy or get away quickly.

Damage Type: Solid Attack Type: Melee Role: Carry, Disable, Ganker


Triple Bonded (Passive) Triple Bonded

Every time Nitrogen uses an ability, he gains one Nitrogen Bond buff. Once he has three, his next basic attack deals twice the gas damage.

nitrogenous diamond blades (Passive) Nitrogenous Blades

May toggle between two passives, changing his blades form.

Diamond Blades: Solid damage is added to basic attacks

Liquid Blades: Liquid damage and slow is added to basic attacks

Fungi Compound (Active) Fungi Compound

After a delay, Nitrogen becomes invisible for a short amount of time.

Nitro (Active) Nitro

Nitrogen dashes forward, stunning and hurting any Element he touches.

Liquid Nitrogen (Active) Liquid Nitrogen

Consumes unused Atoms of N.
Freezes all units in an AoE around Nitrogen.
AoE and duration are based on how many atoms of N were consumed.

Character Overview

Nitrogen is confident, optimistic, and kindhearted young man who loves action. He is known to encourage both his teammates and enemies, often giving them advice.

Real World Information

Nitrogen makes up roughly 78% of the Earth’s atmosphere. In its diatomic form, it is used as a cryogenic as liquid nitrogen. As a compound of oxygen, it is used as laughing gas, and with hydrogen and oxygen, it is used as a highly explosive fuel nicknamed “nitro”.

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