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Version 1.5 of Eight Hours has been released. This release includes a lot of changes thanks to feedback from our wonderful community of gamers! Our updates include changes to placing detection equipment, HUD/Tutorial improvements, and overall game experience. There is also a higher chance of encountering the entity and detecting it - with scaling difficulty as you make it throughout the game. Read more to see some new screenshots and details about these changes.

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Version 1.5 release.

If you want, you can go directly to or gamejolt to play the latest free version of Eight Hours.

A lot has changed over the past few months for Eight Hours. First, if you haven't, checkout our trailer!


Initial Game Logos and ScreenshotsInitial Game Logos and Screenshots

Big Updates

Here is a list of some of our updates and details of went behind them.

Entity AI. The entity itself was very lax and boring in previous versions of Eight Hours. So, we had decided to update the entity to appear sooner and more often at random intervals. It also has a scaling difficulty curve based on the amount of time played in the game. This will help limit game time plays as well as induce more stress the longer it takes a player to capture all the EVPs.

Hints. Previously hints would show up and auto disappear after a few seconds. We now re-programmed the controls so that hints show for a significantly longer period of time after they are triggered. Secondly, objectives and hints are shown by default, and can be toggled on and off with the space bar (default binding).

Tutorial. A lot of feedback we observed and received was along the lines of "How do I play". So, we had worked to introduce more helpful tutorial text during gameplay at relevant moments. We hope this will help players get into the game quicker and enjoy the investigation.

Get It Now

Go directly to or gamejolt to play the latest free version of Eight Hours.

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