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Destroyed region mission has been finally reworked!

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New region resurrection mission has been implemented!

To complete resurrection mission, player has to destroy 15 ruins, then wait for the Elder Mechanism to resurrect the region.
During resurrection, that takes 60 seconds, player will be constantly attacked by the revenants.
Revenants are new enemies, that explode, if they aren't destroyed 3 seconds after they appear.
And that is not good, because revenant explosions damages player spaceship.
What is the lore behind resurrection, how exactly resurrection works?
First, the Elder Mechanism collects data about what was the region like, before it was destroyed.
Then Mechanism attempts to create exact replica of destroyed region!
The Elder Mechanism is able to recreate entire region with stars, worlds and life forms.


​Other changes.

New music tracks has been implemented.
Screen shaking has been improved.
Fixed quite a few issues with the new item generation engine.


​Next week I'm planning...

To fix small issues.

While not developing Sector Six...

I was playing Guild Wars 2.


KryliaViru - - 128 comments

Aaaaaa spoilers why have you done this to us all curse youuuu!!! Just kidding, haha. Not, but really. Those are kinda semi-spoiling what it does, then again, we ought to know I guess.

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Zuurix Author
Zuurix - - 53 comments

I felt like I needed to explain what are those destroyed region/resurrection missions, even if it damages gameplay a bit.

But I'll never spoil something that could really be ruined if spoiled.

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KryliaViru - - 128 comments

Haha, I was joking around a little back then. I know you were just doing it to explain, it wasn't really much of a spoiler, and lore is fun.

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