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The Name of the Demon has been completed, time to continue working on Sector Six!

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This week's echo is unusual, because this week I didn't worked on Sector Six!
First such week in 2015. World record!

Anyway, this week I have created small RPG pretentiously named The Name of the Demon!
It has 9 quests, 22 items, 10 different enemies, 5 demonic powers, leveling up, soul consuming, village burning, blood drinking and other more or less interesting stuff!
If you want to play it, click this link.

Now about Sector Six!
It's getting harder for me to find reasons why not to release new version.
Here are they:

I need to update tutorial. I have changed interfaces and tutorial has broke, I need to fix it.
Plus, current tutorial is not perfect, I want to change few things.

I want to add few new medium sized enemies and new destroyed region mission.
It will be more interesting than current "Ether: 0/300" mission. Eww.

I need to write and add new ability descriptions.

Currently secure regions have chance to be destroyed when you complete mission, while I want for the Machines to do it.
I need to add the eight Machines into Sector Six map.

I need to fix minor problems, like right now enemies go behind new HUD, screen shaking isin't as pretty as it should be, etc.

And that's pretty much it.
Give me few weeks and I'll be done.

I hope.



Hey, just hang in there! We're all looking forward to it! The game, the art style, the music, it's all wonderful, and I'm sure you intend to make it into so much more. I keep checking this page every now and then, as I am really really looking forward to the next release. Just do what you feel is right

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