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First echo after the release of version 0.3.0! This week I have began working on new save system.

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'Ello all!
This week I've began to work on new save system!
New system already saves and loads player spaceship, inventory and abilities.


When it will save and load everything, I'll be doing small improvements to the game:

  • I'll change hard mode amplifiers, you will be able to apply only one amplifier to the part and it will not change part grade. Also, all hard mode reward items will be dropped less often.
  • I have noticed how easy is to get higher grade parts, so I am going to make them rarer as well.
  • I will improve tutorial. Buttons and abilities you need to click in tutorial will glow, so players won't get stuck even if they skip tutorial text.
  • I am going to slightly reduce difficulty of the game, because most of new players have problems. Hard mode will stay as difficult as it is now.
  • I will fix minor issues, that has been discovered in new version. There's still time to find more issues!

I should be able to do this in like two-three weeks.
Oh, and thanks Wasteland Dan for making this video:

Until next week!


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