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This week I have finally updated tutorial and new version is almost ready to be released!

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This week I have...

Updated tutorial! Now it's less confusing and has a boss fight!
Changed boss AI to make boss fights more dramatic.


​​Improved dialogue.
Improved achievement interface.
Added Aspil region background!


Renamed region from Abandoned Line to Defense Line.
Renamed cover minion to tank.


​Since tutorial is done, now I just need to...

Update repairing minions.
Fix Almadi databases.
Fix death on tutorial.
Fix spaceship part tooltips.
Fix map tooltips.
Add image of item above tooltip of that item.
Update enemy traits.
Fix chase sequence on story mission I.
Fix level up button.
Fix inventory order.
Fix drag and drop.
Fix class titles.
Don't let escorted spaceship move if player spaceship is in front of it.
Make abilities removable from slots by pressing buttons.
Some alloy container flaws doesn't work.
Replace onslaught leader shred animation to quasar explosion animation.
Update alloy containers.
Fix saving.
Add tooltips for buttons in settings menu.
Make better game logo.
Remove no longer needed sprites and other garbage.

...And I can release version 0.3.0!

Well, almost.
I will probably add more things to the list, also, I'll need few days to prepare for the big release!

I'm out!


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