Post news RSS Echo #102: Class merge and ability distribution rework

Change of plans, new rework is coming, the final Early Access update is slightly delayed.

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In "Sector Six Release Countdown: 6!" I have said that I was considering to do some big changes to Sector Six.

Now I have decided to do them, and this is an update on that, as promised.

What are the changes?

First, spaceship classes are not going to be a thing anymore.
All abilities will use the same damage type.

Secondly, abilities will be unlocked with level. You'll start with three basic abilities and unlock other abilities on level up until you reach level 30.

Finally, because weapon damage is now universal to all abilities, weapons will now reduce cooldown and maybe even ether cost of certain abilities.

Why am I doing these changes?

Because they will make the game much better both for low-level and high-level players.
New players won't have to deal with 36 abilities, weapons will be more interesting, leveling up will be more impactful than ever, there will be more important decisions to make, and so on!

What's the catch?

The catch is that it will take a week or more to do all those changes so the final Early Access update will be slightly delayed.

Hope this sounds good, I will post again when I'll catch up to countdown or when there will be more changes in plans.

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