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Today we reveal to you the ECF User Interface. Enjoy!

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Hello everyone on another update of our real time strategy game “After the Fall”.

Today we will show you some thing different than just units as we were doing for the past few times. We will show you the UI (User Interface) for the ECF faction, how everything works and what you should be paying attention to.

We will start by showing you a general look of the overall design of the UI.

ECF User Interface

The UI has been created in such a way that some of its parts can be hidden in order to save more screen space. The player will always be able to choose if he wants to see these elements or not. Following are 2 images of how it looks when different elements are being disabled.

ECF User Interface ECF User Interface

In the UI the player will be able to open and close 2 elements. The first is the production bar and the second will be the radar. Both of them can be opened and closed at will.

ECF User Interface

In the lower left corner you can see a panel that has 2 functions. First the ECF logo acts as the deployment button for the headquarters. This is the main ECF building and from this you will be able to expand your base. The rest of the buttons are the special abilities that you will be able to use. When you build a special building the corresponding special abilities will activate. When you use each one it will take some time before it can be used again.

ECF User Interface

In the top left you will be able to see the radar. This will open and close like a panel with the push of a button.

ECF User Interface

In the top you can see the energy bar. This will show you how much energy your base produces and consumes by the colors of the arrows. Blue will be energy produced and red energy consumed.

ECF User Interface

The next 2 elements will appear only in the campaign of the game. The first is the objectives panel and the second is the dialogues panel.

ECF User Interface

ECF User Interface

The most important part of the UI is the production bar that is situated on the right side of the screen.

ECF User Interface

The production bar is comprised of different parts with different functions. On the top you have the repair and sell buttons that you can use for your buildings. Under that we have the movable panel. By dragging with the right mouse button the handle on the lower part of the panel you will be able to open and close it depending if you want it or not. This way we give the player the choice of gameplay style.

The movable panel has the following areas. On the top you will be able to see the unit or building you have chosen with some info like health and status. Under that we have the units selection screens from where you will choose which units you want to produce.

On the lower part we have the AI stances buttons. With these buttons you will be able to choose what stance each unit should have. You can choose between offensive, defensive and passive.

This is everything concerning the User Interface for the ECF faction. As you see we tried to include all functions needed in a very simple but on the same time practical way so the players will focus more on gameplay and not fight with complex buttons and menus.

We hope you like it and as always we will be happy to hear your comments and feedback in our forums at

See you in our next update.

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You did a really good job

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Stratos_K Author
Stratos_K - - 48 comments

Thank you.We try our best.Right now the development has slowed down a bit because we have gathered our resources around Neptune Rising, our other big title in development. Hopefully things will get up to speed soon again :)

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