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I just wanted to say to everyone who downloads Imperial Conquest on Steam, that the situation that revolved around the problem of invulnerable vehicles from the Earth Side, has been balanced, and can now be destroyed by the Galactic Empire.

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Greetings Everyone,

yeah I apologize that I haven't been posting updates lately, but that is mainly because I am working on 2 different type of Mods including this one making it the third. I am working mostly on Nero Conflict and Generation War, but I haven't abandoned this one as you have just seen here.

Anyway onward with the latest update to the mod, but the reason that you probrobly won't see that much Articles is mainly due to the fact that the only person helping me with this mod CLAYDOG has been busy with daily life, so in an understanding, plus after this latest update I don't think we have to worry about having to update that much on the mod anymore, unless when it comes to map wise or mission wise, but for that I would need people to give me a hand, as one I cannot make missions, and two I can not make maps either.

But anyway on to the update.

I am pleased to announce that I have fixed the problem concerning invulnerable Earth Vehicles, allowing them to be destroyed equally compared to the Galactic Empire, I did this problem by reducing the armor compacity within the DEF Files, I also had managed to upgrade the power and blast radius of the Imperial Bazooka and Smartlauncher further allowing more of a devastating blow against our vehicles, now when one plays as an earth vehicle they will be easier to destroy compared to before where a single M1 Abram could take over 500 RPGs thrown at it by the Galactic Empire, which we all know is BS, if the Empire were to Invade us in reality our tanks would be destroyed in one shot by these Rockets, but continuing, I am also pleased to announce that Imperial Conquest's size has been reduced as well, as most of you know it went from the Millions in MB back down to at least 500,000 MB so this is a glorious change in pace, but from then on I don't see any more updates that need to be done, besides missions for a campaign and maps, but until I get help for that, I say that the mod is now fine the way it is, and is now balanced out.

I thank you for listening, and if you wish to join my team feel free to message me on here, or on Steam, with the username being 2091riveraisrael, add me as a friend I will respond to the invitation then explain that you want to help.

Thank you


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