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Earth of Oryn is an indie city-builder/strategy game set in a medieval world filled with story and heart.

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The Game

"Earth of Oryn is an indie city-builder/strategy game set in a medieval world filled with story and heart.

Build your kingdom however you see fit. Will you inspire and lead your people with kindness and generosity... or command them with an iron fist and crush dissents beneath your heel?

Starting from nothing, you must shape your kingdom perfectly to your vision while managing the needs and wants of your people."

Key Features

  • Beautiful and vibrant Low Poly art style.
  • Build great cities, mighty castles, bustling towns, and the laws and moral systems to guide them all.
  • Raise and manage armies to protect your kingdom from your enemies in real-time battles.
  • Manage your economy, gather resources, trade with other civilizations, and research new technologies!
  • Run your kingdom how you see fit, creating your own politics, laws, and culture.
  • Discover new creatures, biomes, and civilizations, exploring new untouched lands.
  • Create your own world, tweaking everything to your liking in creative mode.
  • Use prefabricated buildings, or create your own models from the ground up thanks to a detailed building system.
  • Build complex systems to power buildings and moving parts like bridges and elevators.
  • Shape the world to your needs by modifying the terrain's elevation
  • Master the water, using bridges, water mills, and other types of machinery.

Will be available on Steam, for Windows and Mac.

Play across four different civilizations, with hours of campaign content between them.

Core mechanics

You can see your city grow as citizen improved their houses.

Kingdom Builder

Build everything from scratch with dedicated tools.

  • Use prefabricate buildings or create your own models from scratch thanks to an elaborated building system.
  • Decide what materials to use and how to arrange them to make your building stronger and more durable. Watch them being demolished.
  • Use geared systems to power buildings and/or to create dynamic parts like moving bridge or elevator.
  • Modify the terrain elevation to your needs.
  • Master the water building bridges, water mil and other water based machineries.
  • Build roads and walls.


Tweak everything to your liking, from large-scale kingdom-changing edicts,
all the way down to tiny details with everything inbetween.

  • As the leader of your people you have the mission the make all the decisions
  • Handle the resources production and crafting lines.
  • Harvest wheat, potatoes, tomatoes and more.
  • Build and organize road and water traffic.
  • Trade when needed.
  • Manage human resources on working sites.
  • Train and organize an army. Configure their outfits and weapons.
  • Do research to unlock new technologies.
  • Create your own religion/cult.
  • Make political decision.
  • Farm, gather, hunt and fish.


The lands of Hambkar, Barne, Brandford and Linuine.

  • Throughout the campaign, you'll have to explore. Take your people and travel to new lands, discovering new flora and fauna along the way.
  • Keep your people safe from wildlife and enemies as you search for new lands to settle!
  • Experience branching paths, where decisions will shape the outcome of your story. (Which you'll be able to revisit on subsequent playthroughs.)
  • When a campaign is finished you can expand the game life by increasing the difficulty or by making different decision that will create a new unique story.


Wage war against your enemies, and defend your kingdom against aggressors.

Defend your kingdom against external, and internal threats. Natural disasters, wildlife, sickness, riots, crime, bandits, and hostile kingdoms will be just a few of the many threats to your legacy. It's up to you on how you deal with them.

Creative Mode

Earth of Oryn will have a creative mode! Build your kingdom from absolute scratch,
molding the world to your liking with our procedural generation tools.

While there will be a deep and rich story mode for those interested in playing through it, you can also dive into creative mode, where you'll be able to tweak the world settings to your liking and build to your heart's content.

The World

Weather & day cycle

Deal with weather changes and prepare for the night.

  • The day/night cycle will influence gameplay, as some things can only happen after the sun sets.
  • Your people will need to rest at night, and those that are pushed to work late hours will work slower.
  • Weather will also play a huge role in your citizen's health, your buildings, and the biome at large.


Barne: The kingdom of farmers and merchants. A land with rolling hills bordered by the endless sea.

  • A largely peaceful nation of farmers and merchants.
  • A land filled with rivers and hills with direct access to the sea.
  • The land is filled with powerful religious leaders.
  • A temperate climate year-round, with little difference between winter and summer.


Niluine: Hidden by trees, the kind of place that fables are written about.

  • These lands are divided into two main regions: The highlands, filled with high fir forests and mountainous terrain, and the lowlands, filled with swamps and lakes.
  • These two regions have two separate groups of people living in them, the Linuites of Thârne, and the Lunuites of Luine, which have agreed to a tentative peace between their civilizations.
  • The weather here is consistently rainy, with a brief period of moderate temperatures in the summer, followed by long, brutal winters.


Hambkar: The great red canyon shaped by the river Sath, clouded with heat and dust.

  • The canyon of Hambkar is a dry, dusty land filled with stone and large deposits of metal.
  • Rivers teeming with fish are the veins in which the Hambkil settle near, as there's little to no access to water anywhere else.
  • The people of Hambkar export most of Oryn's high-quality steel and metal goods.


Brandford: The land ruled by four kings, protected by a wall of mountains.

  • Four kings rule over the land of Brandford, allied to one another since the lands were first settled.
  • Brandfordians produce high-quality gems and stoneworks which they trade away for other goods. They farm hearty crops and raise goats which thrive in the mountainous terrain.
  • They're excellent architects and have used the fortify the mountains around their land to protect from outside threats, and harnessed their rivers to power their buildings.
  • The weather is generally cold and snowy during the winter, but more mild during the spring and summer months.

The known world of Earth of Oryn.

Earth of Oryn is a vast world with extraordinarily diverse biomes and civilizations. Adaptation to different environments is paramount to survival.

Earth of Oryn will release with four main civilizations, but this will be expanded over the game's life cycle depending on Kickstarter funding and sales.

The game takes place between 300 and 500 in the second age when most of the civilizations have established themselves.


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