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Progress on the lore for the Earth-Landing mod so far! (Dev Diary, by EliteWood1337)

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Hello, I'm EliteWood1337, Co-developer of Stolen Mind, Co-Founder of Stuckdown, and Head Dev of Earth Landing.

I am going to be going over the lore that we have laid down so far and a few fun facts at the end. By all means, please give constructive criticism, constructive criticism helps us develop the story better.

You are Liam Miller, a 28 Year old dad with a Wife and Daughter. Problem is, a government device was conceived by a terrorist and brought to the terrorist's headquarters, somewhere in New York City. When the terrorists were trying to figure out what the device was and how it worked they accidently activated it, unleashing a portal over New York City. At first it released a very strong portal storm which shut down the internet and electricity, people would have to drive out of New York to somewhere unaffected by the Portal to tell the world what's going on so it took a bit for the government to respond but they arrived after a few hours. The government sent in a group known as the EOCU (Extraterrestrial Object Containment Unit) and they did a sweep, killing any person or animal because what was leaking out of the portal wasn't the traditional alien but a unknown Parasite, the strangest part is its a Silicon Based organism so it starts spreading sand through ought the lungs, skin, and more causing internal bleeding, cuts and rashes on the skin. The Parasite crawls in through the throat, which kills the host. But the Parasite can make it in quick enough that it can release its "Children" which are tiny little worms inside the body that will control the Nervous system and take control of the body, also starting up the heart again quick enough that the Host will receive Necro Reanimation. Although the body is bleeding faster than it can produce blood so the "Zombies" ingest other organisms and in turn receive their blood. Also, similar to a tumor the parasite begins developing another organ, a heart. Although the zombie will gain 2 hearts it still isn't enough so it relies on drinking the blood of others. If the Zombie doesn't drink in 5 minutes it will permanently die.

You wake up in your house in the woods outside New York City. Problem is the woods have been turned into a hostile wasteland/desert and your house has been blown to the foundation. You wake up with a very strong headache and most likely head injury. You seem to have some Amnesia because you cant remember what has happened recently except...

The babysitter took your daughter to the bus that goes to her school in New York City, your Wife went for a job interview in New York City.

Its time to start packing your bags. You make your way through the hostile wastelands (former forests), fighting off "Zombies" and EOCU Death Squads Unfortunately, some of the mountains at the edges of the wasteland have collapsed on the only road to NYC that you can see in miles. You don't want to waste too much time searching for another road because this is the only road you know about. So you decide to take the risk and you travel through the mountains and now you can get back on track, on the Other side of the wasteland. You can see smoke rising in the distance. You walk a little forward, you are on a big cliff that looms over the wasteland, but most importantly : All of New York is on fire. The buildings are collapsing. You have no time to loose.

You go right away, you can't find any working cars or unlocked cars (you don't know how to car jack) unfortunately so you have to go on foot. You make your way and you decide you're going to go for your daughter first. So you're on the road to the school when the ground breaks under you, a sinkhole. You are in a cave and you find a priest hiding there. He is sitting in grief. He stole medication from an elderly couple to treat get rid of the parasite that got in him. He somehow survived the parasite going down his throat. He is unsure if the treatment even worked or not but he isn't a "Zombie" yet so you are assuming it has worked. He decided though that the pain that the Parasite going down his throat was too much and the pain of the Parasite inside of him right now (its not very small) is unbearable to him. So he decides he will commit suicide but he will help you before he does so. He gives you some grenades to blow down a wall of the cave that will lead to another part of the cave that leads back up to land. You blow it up, once you make it through the hole in the wall it collapses again and you hear a shotgun fire. You assume he shot himself. You're in a large cave now. A very large creature, camouflaged as the rocks comes out of hiding.

Note : We are still figuring out how the boss fight would work so no story for that part now.

After the intense battle for your life you make it out of the cave and the beast is slayed. You arrive at the school. You get inside but it seems like nobody is here. Huh? But than...

"Psst, in here!" you hear somebody whisper to you. You see a door and you go through it. Nobody is in the room. but than you here the whispering again telling you they're by the vent. You see a vent cover and you take it off and go inside. There is 3 staff members of the school huddled up in the corner. the vent is large enough because it has a fan in it similar to the ones you saw in the HL1 Office complex. They tell you that everybody else is dead because a Crazed man has killed everybody, including your daughter, no later than 10 minutes ago. You feel grief and a strong pain, your heart is broken. But than you start to feel a burning rage in you, an anger strong enough to blow the roof off a house. You go out the vent stomping and load your shotgun, and you start hunting for the man. Game is on.

The man spots you but he notices you have a gun, he takes cover and tries to shoot back. He tries to flee but you chase him and you have to track him down now. Once you kill him you go back to grief. But you try to straighten yourself together. Your daughter may be dead but if you kill yourself now you won't be able to save your wife. What if she receives a similar fate, if she turns into a "Zombie" even? You must go after her and rescue her. To you it feels like everything is lost but you see 1 more light and you won't let it burn out this time.

You make your way to NYC, complete chaos. Except without the people. Everybody is dead, but "Zombies" are everywhere. You won't be able to rescue her on the streets because there is crowds of "Zombies" so you start to go up a skyscraper. You parkour across buildings and search for which ones have your wife, an EOCU helicopter flies by NYC but than one of the men in it spots you and now the Heli is on you. You have to parkour across buildings and take cover from a Heli, while searching inside some of the buildings for your wife. You than see a building that says "Poskat" you remember now, your wife went for an Job interview for a company name Poskat. You go to the building, this must be where she was interviewed. You go through the burning offices until you find the interviewing rooms. You hear your wife screaming. You run and find her immediately. She's being attacked by "Zombies", those "Zombies" are also on fire from the Office Fires and have lit her ablaze and you try to help but its too late. By the time you kill the zombies she burned to death. You scream, wail and cry. The last light is gone. You put the shotgun up to your mouth. You're about to shoot but you hear somebody behind you. You turn around. Its the priest. The pain stopped and the shotgun fire he shot was at a zombie that came in from the sinkhole. He has made it to you and he says now that he believes that its his goal to make up for what he has done so that he doesn't go to hell. He tells you that he is going to go help other people survive but he tells you not to kill yourself. You ask him what you have to live for. You tell him of your dead daughter and wife. He thinks for a bit. He tells you he doesn't know really and he could understand you wanting to commit suicide but you can't, you should at least help others. Maybe be a hero in this all.

Hero in this all... Hero...

You think, you realized what you have to do now. The priest is right. Heroes are driven to help others but you're a different Hero, you're driven to Avenge your wife and daughter. You go to the rooftops of the Poskat building and look down. You notice an EOCU Death Squad trying to storm a building but there's too many zombies. You watch them all die. The government wouldn't sacrifice such Special and Highly-trained and Expert individuals on no normal building. This building must have something to it. You break in through the back entrance because there is less zombies. The building is a normal house. You go into the basement and you see it a tunnel, the tunnel leads to a giant cave area and you see this giant Mechanism. You think and you realize. Whatever this is it must be keeping the portal open. You try and destroy it by throwing grenades at it while crowds of "Zombies" start flooding the cave from all entrances. The odds of survival seem unlikely but its your last stand, you're going to go out with a bang. You destroy it and it blows a huge blast that kills you instantly and all the "Zombies" around it. The Portal closes and the internet/electricity is back to the buildings that have not been destroyed. The few remaining survivors start to tell the world what is going on and now the EOCU has closed off the area where the portal was and now they're killing the "Zombies" and terminating the parasite.

3 Years have passed, all of the Parasites and "Zombies" have died. You see a scene where there's the priest on a rocking chair. he's reading a newspaper. You see what's on the Newspaper and it has a picture of you on it. The Priest has told stories of you after your death and that you closed the portal and died doing it. Once word got out and the rumor's became widespread you have become somewhat of a Hero.

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