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So, what happened to Earth Conflict? Some information related to the project.

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Hi everyone!

It has been a while, huh?

So what happened to this Project? Well, after a few months working with Unity3D I realize the obvious, "I cant do this shit alone", I've worked on several unreleased projects this last year...learned how to program and improve your modeling skills but sadly, ended up allowing this project to die out...So, few weeks ago chatting with some friends, talkin about video games, as we are all RTS addicted C&C had to be on the topics....And with it, Earth Conflict.

So here I am, back to the headaches caused by "why is it doing this" "why it looks so bad" and my favorite "you are a tank you should not be shooting on those planes".

So, whats going to happen with this project now? Whats the plans?
Well, right now, and durin the next week I'll be fixin all the bugs on my current devBuild(at least the latest I could find on my HD...cause frankly, somehow I lost a chunk of data, no idea where it went or where it is)

So, no airships for now...but, as I'm finishing this article I'm uploading an half-stable version of the mod, with several improvements over 0.165 which is the version yeah, I hope you guys enjoy and are able to give me some feedback.

dont forget: on Earth Conflict: you dont call the support, you are the support.


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I posted this like over a month ago :v
And just now ModDB authorized it lol

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