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Gunslinger's Academy is grinding the gears again, and with the arrival of summer, we are looking for your opinions in a multitude of ways, including beta testing. Read on.

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Silverfang has done a nice job recently in keeping the mod alive, and because of this, I decided to assist him with the new work on the mod. 2.0.2 is still in the works, and we have decided to implement a much wider variety of features, some of which are hidden from the public from right now because they are just too frickin' awesome.

Course, don't take my word for it. This Filefront thread might be able to enlighten you on the subject:

We need two things: Help and opinions. As you know, we still could use a few hands here and there to assist us, but did you also know that

we are accepting beta testers?

Yes, we need beta testers to help us check every nook and cranny in the game to make sure that everything works well. If you'd like to know more, please contact me using the MoDDB PM system. Emails are not allowed due to MoDDB's recent spate of spam emails.

This thread is also cool:

Vote for your favorites, ladies and gents, and may the best song win!


Since eez didn't explain this very well you may ask yourself "why are you accepting beta testers instead of releasing 2.0.2??? The point of a beta tester is not to play the game, but to seek and destroy (well, destroying is the coder's job) every bug in the mod. when you find one, you write it down and send a list of em to use in the end :P

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P.S. I told you the mod was far from dead ;)

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