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We're very excited to share that the first Early Alpha and version will be released February 19, 2018.

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Please be aware this is an early access, and will only include the Molor faction with overhauls, and is supposed to show you what we hope will come of this mod. Scripts and Dialogs will likely not be touched, and as such, there will be things that will be removed in the full version, such as being able to play an Uruk as a Nordic Lord. These errors will be fixed once we have overhauled all the factions.

We're very excited to share that the first Early Alpha will be released February 19, 2018, as long as we do not come across any errors or sudden events. This early alpha will hopefully give players a sight into what we hope to achieve in this mod. This is not meant to be a fully playable game, although we completely encourage players to play as long as they'd like if they enjoy the Molor faction!

This early alpha as I have said before will be a testing version, and a moment for our watchers to express how they feel, and while we are open to criticism, we ask for respect and realistic speech, and to also find things you like. While criticism can help us see through your eyes, it can also hurt us, and our hopes for this mod, so please be kind in everything you say.

As for myself (Vallixx), all I can say is that I am rooting for Molor :). Kudos to all those fellow Uruk Commanders out there! Haha.

And as for Lightwolf, he has chosen death. He favours leading the Free People as a Dwarven General. He supports all those Free People Generals out there!

I (Vallixx) also need to express a huge thank you to Lightwolf. This mod would be nowhere near as good without his amazing visual editing. While I have done a lot of the scripting, and moderation for this page, he has spent so much of his time making these amazing fantasy creatures. Originally, I only planned on making a new faction and scripting as much as I could, hard to believe now we're moving on to bigger game, and even plan to overhaul each faction with new armor and possibly even some new weapons. I owe so much to him, and want to make sure he gets credit where it is due. With all he's done, it's amazing... Even mentioning (hope so) jokingly one time how he doesn't get much sleep these days! He is a great dude, and I hope you all know how much he has contributed to this mod!

Cave TrollCave Troll

Cave TrollHammer Time!

Features planned to be included

  • Uruks
  • Orcs
  • Trolls
  • Armour and Items
  • Lord and King skins
  • King Dialog changed (POSSIBLY)

This list seems small, but it includes a lot. Lightwolf and I are excited to test this version for ourselves and would love to receive encouragement and realistic ideas.

Signed, Vallixx.

Signed, Lightwolf

AncientObelisk - - 127 comments

Thank you very much for the honor of participating in this mod, Vallixx, seriously, I always wanted to contribute with the Mount & Blade community, and you gave me the first opportunity and more, work on something that I love so much, these two magnificent worlds, the universes of Tolkien and Taleworlds, about the sleepless nights, are for a good cause XD.

About the early acess version of the mod, I say that I am very excited to see the reaction of our followers and to know what the positive points of the mod and what we need to improve it. I hope everyone enjoys it and have fun with the mod.


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Vallixx Author
Vallixx - - 57 comments


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Argeomer - - 5,578 comments

Yeah! :) im really happy for what you guys achieved and what you want to achieve. You have done so far a wonderful job. Continue like this with this spirit and you will reach far!

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XXachillesThEBEAstXx - - 295 comments

Can't wait to try this amazing mod. (:

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