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After several months of hard work the Early Access release date for the thrill ride simulator "RideOp" is finally here! Today at 12:00 PST both game editions will be able to purchase on Steam.

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After several months of hard work the Early Access release date for the thrill ride simulator "RideOp" is finally here! Today at 12:00 PST both game editions will be able to purchase on Steam.

Steam page:

RideOp: Thrill Ride Simulator is a single player simulator that gives users full control of some of the world’s most famous theme park attractions.

As the ride operator, players have access to a wide range of possibilities. From controlling the ride’s motion and speed to manage the loading and unloading of passengers, locking down the security restraints and call the maintenance team to prevent ride breakdowns, among many others.

The goal of the game is to complete certain task in a time given. Every individual ride is divided into multiple levels of difficulty with a time limit and a number of points to surpass in order to complete each level. Players will be responsible for their passenger’s experience while riding. Thrilling and joyful time in the ride will award positive points to the player’s score while long queue times, breakdowns or guest sickness will affect negatively.

The game has detailed recreations of real life attractions like the classic Ferris Wheel, the Free Fall Tower, the Star Flyer and a Giant Frisbee among others. Every ride has its own controls and features and involve different operating techniques.

Game Highlights:

  • Fully modeled rides with loading/unloading platforms, entry queue and a fully functional control cabin with the ride's operation panel.
  • Highly interactive guests with realistic animations to populate the ride and queue.
  • Realistic environment surrounding the ride to create a bigger immersion into the simulation.
  • Two game modes, Sandbox and Challenge.
  • Ride maintenance and breakdowns.
  • Different weather settings and day times.
  • Ride customizations. With color and features variation.

Two release editions:

The game’s launch price will be $19,99 for the Regular Edition and will include access to all the ride models in the game as well as all the gameplay modes and levels. This version will grant access to all the future updates after its release. Including additional rides and game features.

The Deluxe Edition will have a launch price of $23,98 and will have all the features of the Regular Edition plus:

  • Free complimentary ride "Disk'O Coaster"
  • Possibility to choose a custom soundtrack during gameplay.
  • Free access to the first expansion pack update.
  • 10 High Resolution desktop backgrounds from the game

Upon the release of the full version of the game the price will remain the same for the Regular Edition and the Deluxe Edition. The Early Access users will obtain the Full Version of their respective edition once it gets released as a free update.

About Gurashop:

Gurashop is a game development studio based in Spain and The United Kingdom founded in 2016 and backed by a passionate, internationally diverse team, Gurashop specialises in single player immersive gaming experiences. The company has produced other cinematic adventure games like Behind The Memory (2016) and Uplands Motel: VR Thriller (2017). Upon release in December, RideOp: Thrill Ride Simulator will become the biggest and most complex game published to date by the company and its first simulation-based product.
Official site:
Press kit:

All review copies are granted via Keymailer.

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