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Forged Chaos is releasing Trials of Ascension: Exile through Steam Early Access on July 26th, 2018.

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On July 26th, the US-based indie studio Forged Chaos will release Trials of Ascension: Exile for the PC through Steam’s Early Access program. The game embraces a strong fantasy theme while incorporating classic RPG elements into popular survival mechanics.

In ToA: Exile players can choose between three completely distinct races; the the resourceful humans, the monstrous raknar, and the all-powerful dragons. Each embraces a different play style and comes with their own strengths and weaknesses. Humans survive by improving their skills and crafting what they need. The spider-like Raknar thrive by hunting and evolving their abilities. Dragons represent the greatest survival challenge and must grow from a pathetic hatchling into the mightiest creature on the island.

In addition to the standard survival mechanics of hunger, thirst, and resource collection, Forged Chaos adds their own twists with a naming system, the inclusion of the balance resource for combat, and a minimal HUD. RPG aspects include skill-based advancement, a full inventory system, and customizable character attributes. Players can design their own structures, explore the depths of the cave systems, and improve their characters how they wish.

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